Here's how to get ready for a summer in great shape

The arrival of spring and summer is a critical moment, as demonstrated by a study conducted by the "Women and Quality of Life" association, which found that many women live their lives with a sense of inadequacy because of a few extra kilos or little physical defects.

But effective solutions to these problems do exist: a few exercises, practiced regularly, can truly help ease a few of the most common problems, and above all, help maintain the results over time.
Here they are, and the equipment you'll need to use.

Let's start with legs and glutes

To tone and trim legs and glutes, aerobic activity like long-stride walking, step workouts, or running are helpful.

Running is especially recommended for people who want tapered legs and who have no joint trouble. With Run-Now, Jog-Now and the brand new Run Personal (photo) treadmills you can exercise indoors, to get some exercise even on days when it's rainy out.
One alternative is the sort of complete workout you can achieve with elliptical machines: with Vario you can work on your legs and abs together with your arms and back, thanks to its supports for a safe, and even more complete workout.
For strong, perfect glutes you should get moving on a speed skating track. With Crossover the movement of your feet is controlled by separate, independent platforms, while the upper part of your body is always centrally aligned.

Exercises for hips and abs

For men and women who want flat abs, here's a simple exercise you can do with Ab Crunch Bench, the ergonomically shaped bench that lets you strengthen the entire abdominal area, including the obliques.

Torso bends:

Lay down on the padding and place your feet on the footrests.
Grab the handles from the outside.
Bend the torso forward, holding your lumbar area against the padding; then return to the starting position.
Always control your speed of movement; when returning to the start position, always move more slowly than in the outward motion.
To increase your work load, put one or more disks in the pin (A).
Another exercise with AB Crunch? Click here.
To work on your hips, where extra fat is most commonly deposited, we can do some targeted exercises with the Arkè products, specifically for training your core, that is the muscles in the central part of the body.

Here are a few examples:

Rest your back on the Wellness Ball™. Holding the Water Ball with your hands and keeping your arms in line with your shoulders in front of your body, turn your torso and arms to the left and then to the right.
Perform repetitions as long as the sensation of fatigue does not alter your movements, and be sure to be consistent, repeating this exercise multiple times a week!
To find specific exercises for your waist, watch this special video.
To strengthen your abs and glutes with ARKE, click here.

Train your pecs

Specifically for people who want to strengthen and tone their pectorals and the upper part of the body there is the Pectoral machine that stimulates the pecs, and certain floor exercises using a few Wellness Tools.
The exercise that we recommend uses a Wellness Ball™ and dumbbells (Wellness Rack):

Laying supine, rest your shoulders on the Wellness Ball™ and keep your feet on the floor.
Grasp the dumbbells with your hands and press upwards, keeping the dumbbells vertical and in line with your chest.
Perform repetitions as long as the sensation of fatigue does not alter your movements.