360° Training with Unica

We've called it Unica because you can perform a huge range of exercises that tone your entire body with just one, unique, machine. Here are a few exercises to help you discover the potential of this amazing multi-use machine.

Back: forward extensions

This basic exercise tones the muscles of the upper back. It's perfect for all kinds of sports training and for treating postural problems.
Muscles used: lats and biceps
The exercise:

  • attach the lat bar to the hook
  • sit facing the weight stack and grasp the bar as shown in the figure
  • pull the bar down towards the chest to the sternum.

The exercise can also be performed with an inverse grip (with the palms of your hands towards your face).

Chest: extensions

Muscles used: pectorals, front deltoids, triceps
The exercise:

  • disconnect the bottom cable for the leg exercises to activate the facilitated start function
  • sit down and move the upper handles forwards with the help of facilitated start function, grasping the handles as shown in the figure
  • push forwards, keeping the elbows open and level with the handles
  • make sure your back remains pressed against the padded back rest
  • when using lighter weight loads, avoid performing the movement too quickly or fully extending your arms.

The seat height should be adjusted to ensure your elbows are level with your shoulders.
To avoid unnatural movements of the shoulder joint, use the facilitated start function at the start and the end of exercising.

Shoulders: extensions

This exercise uses the pushing action of the arms and strengthens the shoulder joint.
Muscles used: deltoids, triceps, trapezius
The exercise:

  • sit on the machine and take hold of the upper handles, as shown in the figure
  • bring your chest forwards until it is resting against the padded rest
  • extend your arms, keeping your chest against the padded rest.

Legs: extensions

This basic exercise is perfect for isolated training of the buttocks.
Muscles used: glutes and hamstrings
The exercise:

  • place the ankle band round one leg
  • attach the ankle band to the bottom hook
  • stand in front of the machine, enough distance away so that the cable is taught
  • place your hands on the padded rest so that your chest is bent slightly forwards
  • in one controlled and continuous movement, take the leg with the ankle band backwards and then back towards the machine again, keeping the knees soft.