How it works

The UNITY SELF kiosk is the best way for your customers to log in to their personal mywellness® account in your facility. From UNITY SELF they can access and manage their whole training programmes and results as well as information about your classes and all your products and services, even without supervision.


Benefits for staff

  • Optimise staff supervision to clients’ programme management and educational support
  • Create a new class schedule on the business web portal pro.mywellness.com and set all useful information for your clients to join
  • Promote your scheduled classes and activities via UNITY SELF kiosk.
  • Review your clients’ performance results via the web on pro.mywellness.com.
  • Review your clients’ evolving body measurements on pro.mywellness.com.


Benefits for clients

  • Clients can manage their whole personal training programme and find out about scheduled classes and activities
  • Clients can watch a number of videos to learn how to perform exercises correctly, so that their training is even more effective, safe and accurate.
  • Clients can track all their exercises and activities, from weight-lifting to outdoor training, and review their workout results
  • Clients can track and monitor their body measurements.



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