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*Based on geographical limitations, please check your local app store to assess availability

What do I get with my Technogym Plus subscription?

Technogym Plus brings you 600+ Technogym Sessions, on-demand video workouts with the energy of the best trainers who will motivate you to achieve maximum results and show you how to perform exercises with proper form. Access premium content with your Technogym ID, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, a 1-month free trial is included. An additional 1-month free trial is included with the purchase of selected Technogym products. You will never be charged during your free trial period, and you can cancel anytime.

How can I activate my subscription?

To activate your subscription, open Technogym App, tap the icon in the top right corner of your profile and then select “Subscriptions” and the free trial will begin. To activate your subscription in the Technogym Live app, click on the settings icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the homepage, and then on “Subscriptions”.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription from an Apple device, go to your device settings, touch your name, select “Technogym” under “Subscriptions”, and choose the option “Cancel subscription”.
To cancel the subscription from an Android device, open Google Play Store and touch the profile icon in the top right corner; from the menu, select “Payments and Subscriptions”, then click on the subscription that you want to cancel and finally choose the “Cancel subscription” option. If you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to take advantage of the premium content for the full period you have paid for.

When I buy Technogym equipment, can I access the premium content?

Customers who purchase Kinesis, Unica, Power Personal and Skillrun or equipment from the Artis, Excite, Personal lines will get Technogym Plus included, with unlimited access to premium content. Customers who purchase Technogym Bench, Technogym MyRun, Technogym Cycle and Technogym Elliptical will get an additional month of the Technogym Plus subscription.

If I have more equipment, do I need more subscriptions?

No. The Technogym Plus subscription is linked to your Technogym ID, so you only need one subscription, which you can access from various products.

If I already have a Technogym Unlimited subscription for Technogym Bike, can I also access Technogym Plus content?

Yes, the Technogym Unlimited subscription also includes all Technogym Plus premium content.