Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits

Accept challenges if you want to experience the excitement and taste of victory. George Patton

The taste for winning, the desire to compete with others and improve, always. The challenge is like a mirror that reminds you of your image, tells you who you are, what your limits are and at the same time pushes you to overcome them.
Because there is nothing like a challenge that brings out the best of a man and a sportsman. The challenge with oneself and the challenge with others are powerful motivators and sport is the right terrain in which to make the perfect challenges flourish.
Maradona and Pele, Coppi and Bartali, Borg and McEnroe are just a few names that have given rise to legendary rivalries embodied in some of the most exciting sports competitions.Can we all feel like professional sportsmen? We don't go to the athletics tracks or the big marathons but where can we also try out the honesty of the competition, the taste for victory? Well, all this is possible in the gym today.

Engaging workouts

You can run indoors on your favourite outdoor route, challenge a treadmill neighbour, try out classic Olympic specialties, the marathon, and even row on the water, competing with the "crews" next to us. These are just a few of the possibilities offered by Technogym's cardio products and apps. There are plenty of new interval training sessions available on UNITY. With Myrunning Logbook, on the other hand, you can replicate tracked outdoor running routes with compatible mobile apps such as RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and Strava, or portable tracking devices such as Garmin and Polar.

Engaging cardio

Established in 2002, the Excite line was already innovative at that time thanks to the integrated WELLNESS TV and Playstation 2, the precursors of entertainment on Technogym cardio products. This compelling experience has led to a new standard of cardiovascular training that attracts new customers to fitness centres.

In 2007, TV turns into Active: Wellness Active TV. The Full Entertainment system includes built-in TV and radio and is iPod compatible and a wide range of portable audio-visual devices. But there's more: the interface, intelligently recognizing the type of user, provides training and entertainment information in the configuration he user likes most.

Technogym's innovation is continuous and 3 years later sees the light of VISIOWEB, the first platform integrated in tools that allows you to browse the internet, read and send emails, in addition to entertainment provided by radio and TV and their devices such as iPod and iPhone.

Today, the personalised workout experience is even more engaging thanks to UNITY 3.0 the digital console that allows a truly customised experience.

Many new interval training sessions are available on UNITY. With Myrunning Logbook, on the other hand, you can replicate tracked outdoor running routes with compatible mobile apps such as RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and Strava, or portable tracking devices such as Garmin and Polar.

RACES: running

UNITY is the first cardio console with Android technology on the market that allows users to stay connected with their own centre and lifestyle wherever they are. The UNITY console has a tablet-like operation and includes a range of innovative and intuitive features including TV, bluetooth, music programs, Skype, Internet connection, games and a wide range of customized training programs and virtual outdoor training locations. Perfect for stimulating, motivating and entertaining the user during training sessions.
The races. Competition is powerful motivation in racing, as well as a source of fun. The age of the people running side by side with each other, but feeling isolated on the treadmills in the gym is over. Thanks to the races on UNITY users can run together or against their friends, challenge other people, take part in a group race. You can choose between three different modes.
Versus. With VERSUS, you can challenge friends and colleagues on the distances and routes we have created or join the running tracks of others; in the same Centre, up to 10 users can compete with each other in real time.
Marathons. With MARATHONS you experience running the most famous marathons directly in the gym. The virtual location is made even more realistic by the ability to vary the inclination of the treadmill to reflect the original route. You don't need to run the entire marathon all at once: if the user interrupts the run, UNITY 3.0 will then resume the route from the moment it paused.
The Arena. This feature gives you the possibility to enter THE ARENA together with all the other runners (each on a different treadmill of the Centre): just connect and decide who to run next to.

RACES: rowing

This time the challenge moves to the water. Or better on an indoor rower that perfectly simulates the sensation of soaking on the water. SKILLROW is the first fully connected indoor rower that allows athletes to perform both cardio and power training.
Thanks to the SKILLROW app, users can experience a more challenging digital experience: as if they always had a virtual helmsman at their side.
Train and race. With SKILLROW app you can access customised, performance-oriented indoor rowing workouts such as Technogym Neuromuscular Training and interval training. The app also allows you to take part in exciting competitions, challenges with yourself or with others.
Race at the pace. The user sets the speed to be achieved or competes against a friend's best result to face a new challenge each week and keep the motivation to improve.
SKILLROW class With the dedicated app and a UNITY SELF station, it will be easy for trainers to transform the SKILLROW class into a thrilling regatta.Participants are divided into groups that compete against each other. On the big screen you can see the boats moving according to the team's joint effort and synchrony, motivating the participants to roam not only for themselves but for their own team. The trainer constantly monitors the participants' performance and results.

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