B&B Italia, Zaha Hadid Design and Technogym explore new trends in home wellness

The three premium brands team up to investigate the dynamics behind how home spaces are perceived in the post-Covid scenario and how wellbeing is being integrated into them

On the 23rd of March, B&B Italia hosted one of the exclusive Technogym Design Conversations in their central London location, in the fine district of South Kensington; B&B Italia is a made-in-Italy and world-renowned modern furniture brand, founded in 1966 and currently holding 4 Compasso d’Oro design awards.

The panel was titled “Wellness at Home” and it was chaired by Robert Bound, Senior Correspondent at Monocle – the famous global affairs & lifestyle magazine addressed to a young and business-oriented audience – and it hosted architects and designers Maha Kutay and Woody Yao, co-directors of the design division for the British architecture and design firm Zaha Hadid Architects. The studio – active in 44 countries – works at all scales and in all sectors, and its hallmark is the creation of transformative cultural, corporate & residential spaces, which always come in total harmony with their surroundings. As a matter of fact, all the partners taking part in the event – Technogym, B&B and Zaha Hadid Design studio – intend to raise awareness about the topic of productive collaboration within the design community​.

Technogym’s commitment in the design field is well established, with the brand being the reference point for people who look for a fitness offering which doesn’t overlook aesthetics: Technogym’s equipment looks like a piece of furniture. The talk had a special focus on the new role domestic places play as shelters in the post-Covid scenario: their relevance and importance in everyone’s life was seen in a completely new light after months of lockdown. In fact, this debate fostered by specialists of the fitness and interior design world – both of which had to face new trends brought by the pandemic – was aimed at exploring the ever developing concept of home in nowadays’ social context.

Bound’s conversation with Kutay and Yao mainly dealt with the changes that the sector’s experts had to face in their approach with interior design and our houses’ private spaces: in the last two years, people’s daily habits shifted from a hectic life – barely having the time to get back home to sleep – to spending weeks and months in a row without setting foot outside. With no moral obligation to be out there, attending to events, meetings and make connections, the positive side in home confinement was the chance to take a moment to catch our breath and assess things. Spending so much more time there, our home has become one of our main focus areas, and everybody’s budget turned back there, into fixing it, renovating, rearranging: the field of action of designers.

Technogym is about fitness and wellness, but its products also stand out from other average offerings: both their looks and the materials they’re made of make people pleased to choose them to be placed and welcomed inside their most intimate spaces. In this new normal we’re living, the importance of general wellness and mental health has acquired a whole new value for almost everyone; people want to live in healthy, positive and reassuring environments to be able to progress and be productive. Design plays a pivotal role in this dynamic as it heavily influences the mood of your surroundings and how you perceive them, and this is how Technogym offering was able to combine two aspects of wellbeing: the physical and mental ones.

Technogym is one of the first companies that started integrating exercising into the other spaces of the house […] and you can really tell how far they’ve come with design, even thanks to their collaboration with Citterio for home equipment” – Maha Kutay.

Finally, a special praise was reserved to Italian signature quality in design; the roots and origin behind this trend were traced back to Italy’s indissoluble link with prime materials, love for beauty, skills & expertise developed during centuries of history, as well as the will to always discover and experiment.

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