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Personalized training experience

The new Excite line makes training more fun and inspiring for any age or fitness level with lots of workouts and entertainment options.

Excite live experience

Technogym Live

Technogym Live is the new digital user interface that empowers Excite consoles. Born to inspire people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives, it helps achieve results in a fun and motivating way.

Meet your personal assistant

Built into every piece of equipment, Technogym Coach will motivate and guide you, so you get the most out of your exercise time. With engaging new content on our consoles, achieving results has never been this much fun.

Choose your Technogym Session, based on your personal goals, and the virtual trainer will guide you through a one-on-one session, offering encouragement and suggesting the level of intensity, which you are free to follow or change. There are six Sessions to each goal-based training series.

Each Technogym Routine contains a variety of movements and exercises, whose intensity is automatically set up by the equipment. You will receive step-by-step guidance either by video, if you are on the Routine-dedicated screen, or by pop-up messages, if you are enjoying entertainment content.

Let natural and urban landscapes captivate you while you’re working out. Be amazed by where your travels around the world can take you.

Watch your favorite Netflix series or TV program on the HD display. Get your groove on with your go-to YouTube playlist, or browse the most popular websites.

Completely redesigned for extra clarity, the new dashboard keeps all your stats in one place: calories, distance, pace, heart rate and much more.

Mobile connectivity

Go about your daily life while exercising: browse the internet, connect with friends on social media or watch an episode of your favorite Netflix series.


Always up and running

Don’t forget to put your smartphone in the Universal Wireless Charger. That way, you and your phone get a boost from training.

Your world with you

By logging in with the mywellness app or an Apple or Samsung smartwatch, Technogym Coach will open your Personal Drawer with your favorite apps, suggested workouts, and training stats.


More room, less footprint. The redesigned Excite range brings you everything you love about exercising in the least possible space.


More room for fun

Excite offers the best ratio of floor footprint to user training space, giving you more room to move freely and achieve your full potential.

Extra training comfort

We’ve redesigned Excite to make more room for you. Move comfortably on each piece of equipment and discover everything you are capable of.

New Deck Design

Run Live fits you, not the other way around. The groundbreaking new deck design provides greater stability and 13% more space for running and exercising.


The fully-connected Human Powered version does not require electricity or batteries to run the 10” LCD touchscreen, complete with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and onboard innovative content.

excite live display

Friends with the planet

The new Excite line represents the next generation of sustainable equipment. All the equipment in the line is made of recyclable parts.

Technogym Interior Design

With its innovative design and digital content, Excite combines fun and performance, and creates an environment where new generations are inspired to work out for years to come. To offer the immersive training experience everyone will want to be a part of, create a unique family feeling with Excite and Selection strength equipment.