Luna Rossa Team

The company has been working with the Luna Rossa crew since 1998; in 2000 the sailing team won the Louis Vuitton Cup. When competing in the America's Cup, every small detail and every second lost or gained can become critical for a tournament victory. Besides the technical quality of the boats – the true Formula One racing cars of the sea – the athletic preparedness of crew members is a decisive factor when it comes to competing in these tough races, packed with tension and competitive spirit.

Among the numerous machines, the Top Excite is of particular note, providing the best possible cardiovascular training for the upper body. The cyclical arm movement is extremely effective in strengthening and toning the muscles as well as improving endurance, thus helping athletes to ensure that they are in optimal physical condition. In addition, the Vario is a cardiovascular training machine for both total-body exercises and lower body training only, offering a great variety of exercises. Finally, the wide range of products for strength training offered by the Selection line has enabled the Luna Rossa team to the exercise the specific muscle groups used during their on-board manoeuvres, ensuring optimal results via a series of exercises completed in remarkable comfort.