Ken Fox

Prof. Ken Fox PhD is an Exercise Psychologist, Professor of Exercise Science Department of Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences at the University of Bristol. He has dedicated his career to research and policy development in the field of exercise and health. His books are in exercise psychology and include The Physical Self: From Motivation to Well-being and has developed research instruments to measure physical self-perceptions that are used worldwide. He was senior scientific editor of the 2004 UK Chief Medical Officer’s report on physical activity and health and has acted as a special advisor to the Health Select Committee Enquiry on Obesity, the government’s Foresight panel for obesity, and is a member of the scientific panel for the new Cross Governmental Obesity Strategy Unit.

Current research

His current research projects include exercise and depression in primary care, and Project OPAL, which is investigating the socio-environmental and psychosocial determinants and outcomes of activity in older people.

Honorary doctorate

He was recently awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Coimbra in Portugal and has been made a Fellow of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, The Physical Education Association, and the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education.