Copyright Warning

Technogym S.p.A. is the author, inventor and owner of all the industrial property rights and copyright in the Technogym® products.

Customers who are considering to buy copies are renouncing to receive Technogym® quality and innovation and risk to be addressed a judicial order for copies destruction and damage reward.

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Download the Court Orders that were deliberated in favor of Technogym against customers who bought fake copies:

NORWAY Jan 2011 (EN)

DENMARK March 2011 (EN)

SPAIN February 2012 (ES)

GREECE March 2012 (GR)

SPAIN February 2013 (ES)

GERMANY April 2013 (DE)

BRAZIL September 2013 (PT)

CHINA April 2015 - part 1 (EN)

CHINA April 2015 - part 2 (EN)

BRAZIL September 2015 (PT)

CHINA February 2017 (CN)

SPAIN June 2017 (ES)

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