Brent Alvar

Dr. Alvar, PhD. is an Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University, as well as a Residential Faculty Member/Sport Performance Director for Chandler Gilbert Community College. He oversees the strength and conditioning of over 160 athletes and 10 collegiate teams.

Research interests

His research focuses on physical activity related to human performance, occupational preparedness and health-related benefits from resistance training. He is considered an expert in the dose-response relationship of resistance training and strength improvement. He uses this knowledge to alter health/performance related outcomes relative to differing doses of resistance training.

Future work

In the future, his lab will be examining various health related benefits of resistance training. Such as bone mineral density, lipid profiles, stress reduction, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Additionally, he will be examining how various fitness parameters can be evaluated and/or manipulated to influence job performance, injury prediction/prevention and premature morbidity and mortality in occupations such as firefighters and the military.