AC Milan

The collaboration between AC Milan and Technogym has been solid for years. Technogym is indeed the historical supplier to the Milanello club, where it first set its machines back in 1986, soon after Silvio Silvio Berlusconi became the club president and Arrigo Sacchi team manager.

It was the period when the "Great Milan" began to take shape, and within just a few years would introduce a new style of play, a perfect combination of technique, grit and game vision. The first rossonero gym in Milanello was set up and equipped in those years: a modern structure with machines for cardiovascular exercises, strength training and recovery and rehabilitation following injuries.

Milan Lab is a super technological gym where workout routines for each player can be programmed and logged, then downloaded and evaluated.

It is a state-of-the-art centre where athletes are offered the most modern and sophisticated training equipment. Indeed, thanks to its partnership with leading prestigious sports teams, Technogym can provide not only technological know-how but also medical-scientific support based on studies and analyses.

In the Milanello centre the team can choose among more than 70 latest-generation machines equipped with Wellness System, the Technogym training management software that helps program a personalised training routine for each athlete by using electronic keys and consequently review the results and import rehabilitation protocols.

Among the available machines, the Purestrength line was specially designed to satisfy footballers' need to increase muscular capacity. In addition, the Kinesis system allows players to perform over 450 exercises and movements to build strength, improve flexibility and balance. Also improved are the FLEXability exercising sessions which, thanks to the exclusive Selflex system, allow modulating muscular elongation according to the player's gradual increase of body weight, thus avoiding the risks of traumas and improving his physical condition following back injuries.