Weight loss

with Josh Holland


Together with Josh Holland, celebrity personal trainer, we’ve created a programme that comprises of 24 training sessions specifically created to lose weight.


About the trainer

Josh Holland, is a celebrity personal trainer – Madonna being one of his clients. Josh is a very determined individual who has worked hard for his many accomplishments in life. His easy-going and fun personality makes him a pleasure to work with individually and in group settings and he’s very focused on working with you to help you achieve your goals.


About the programme

The programme comprises of 24 training sessions specifically created to lose weight. It includes cardiovascular activities on a treadmill and free movement exercises. The lessons increase in duration and challenge level enabling you to lose weight gradually, which is the best way to reach your goal weight and maintain it.


You can track your progress by using the mywellness app. See more at www.mywellness.com/mytrainer.