Technogym @ Expo Milano 2015

As the official wellness partner of Milano 2015, Technogym is using its presence at the event to take its mission – helping people to live better and healthier lives – to over 150,000 visitors to the Expo every day. For Technogym, wellness means energy and vitality, efficiency in any situation, and feeling at ease with ourselves and others.


Technogym’s exhibition pays homage to this philosophy both in the way it has been conceived and the activities taking place through the six months of the Expo. Rather than being a single exhibit, Technogym’s display is a series of focal points forming a thematic route along Decumano Avenue (the 1.5 km long main street that crosses the whole site from east to west) and a 1,600 square metre arena for hosting events.


Visitors can try out some of the Technogym personal equipment at one of the six Technogym Points along the route; participate in an interactive wellness experience in the Technogym Arena or purchase stunningly designed home equipment such as the My wellness ball, the new dynamic ball chair, at the Technogym Store.


A world leader in wellness solutions, Technogym has collaborated with other global fitness partners for several high profile events at the Expo.


To celebrate Global Wellness Day, Technogym has partnered with [Comfort Zone]. While [Comfort Zone] provided relaxing massages, three times a day, Technogym ran workouts with the Wellness Ball. The day also included a session with a personal trainer dedicated to stretching, toning and core stability exercises to give relief to the lower limbs by facilitating draining and stimulating skin circulation.


To kick off the WeRunMilano event, a 10 km race sponsored by Nike, runners were given the opportunity to warm up using Technogym's new iconic product MyRun. Hundreds of participants used the revolutionary treadmill, designed for runners by runners. MyRun is the first treadmill for home use that designed to improve your running style and performance.


Even if you are not preparing to run 10 km, it’s worth stopping by Technogym’s exhibits to try out MyRun. It is the first digital solution for running to integrate a treadmill, a dedicated app and a tablet. MyRun uses an innovative algorithm developed by the Technogym Research Centre to improve running quality and efficiency by supplying interactive feedback to the users about their stride, cadence and oscillation.


For fans of the bicycle, Technogym is offering daily group cycling sessions in the Arena. Visitors can join an exclusive demo session on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30pm to 8:30 pm and train on Group Cycle, the indoor evolution of Italy’s proud cycling heritage.


The unique design and exquisite attention to detail makes training with Group Cycle easy and effective for both experienced riders and complete beginners. Seasoned cyclists will love the similar feel to outdoor road cycling; those new to stationary bikes will enjoy the intuitive set-up and comfortable fit.


Total wellness goes beyond keeping your cardiovascular system healthy of course. It also includes keeping your muscles toned and flexible. Technogym is offering visitors the opportunity to take part in stretching, toning and core stability lessons. Sessions take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm at the Expo.


Joining one of the Technogym’s sessions is an ideal way for visitors to improve their wellness and fitness, and participate in the "Let’s Move & Donate Food” campaign.


To highlight the Milano 2015 theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, Technogym has partnered with the UN World Food Program to use its annual campaign aimed at overcoming childhood obesity - “Let’s Move for a Better World” - to enable visitors to the Expo to donate meals to malnourished children around the globe.


The scheme works by enabling visitors to convert their movements into MOVERGY - a unit of currency that can be put towards the cost of a meal. 1,000 MOVEs are needed to purchase one meal. To make it easy to tally the moves (as well as provide users with a personal record to encourage them to move a lot more and build fitter, healthier lifestyles) Technogym launched a new App at the Expo.


The smart and user friendly App also includes Wellness Cards that are filled with health tips, fitness programs and information on exercise, sports and health. Integral to the Wellness Cards is a video-exercise gallery with tips on movement, nutrition and emotional wellness.


Another great feature of The Technogym App is its ability to collect information from Technogym equipment. Also by using smartphone or wearable technology with GPS and accelerometer functions, activities like walking, running, cycling, or generally being active and moving around, can be fed into your MOVERGY total. All the information collected is aggregated in one place on Technogym's open platform mywellness Cloud.


With the potential to turn every move made at Milano 2015 into donated meals, Technogym is appealing to everyone at the Expo – and those who cannot make it – to download the free App. The Technogym App, is available both in android and iOS formats (downloadable for free from Google play and the Apple store). Global results from the campaign will be tallied at the end of the EXPO on October 31, 2015 for the total meal donation to be distributed to over 20 million children in the world’s poorest countries.