Start Moving

with Christina Curry


Together with Christina Curry, personal trainer and yoga teacher, we’ve created a programme that comprises of 24 training sessions specifically designed to start you moving.


About the trainer

For over five years, Christina has worked in some of the world’s leading hotels and award winning health retreats, which integrate yogic practices with training and a wellness team that includes Ayurvedic Doctors, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists and Exercise Physiologists. She involved lots of people in approaching physical activity regularly in order to reach personal wellness. She’s had the advantage of teaching practitioners of all levels and abilities, which makes her a very well rounded and accessible trainer.


About the programme

The programme comprises 24 training sessions including aerobic activity on a treadmill and floor work. This is an easy, efficient programme of basic physical activity to get you going. The sessions will help you gradually increase your physical activity: the best way to reach your Wellness goal and maintain it. And Christina will support you with advice and guidance to maximise the effectiveness of the sessions.


You can track your progress by using the mywellness app and