Salone del Mobile 2016 – beautiful home fitness equipment

For people who appreciate good design in the home and beyond, the exclusive Salone del Mobile event in Milan from April 12-17 2016 is a must-attend. The design trade show has been running since 1961 with exhibitors from around the world displaying the latest designs in furniture, lighting and home furnishings.

If you are looking for beautiful gym equipment to compliment your home’s design why not visit the Technogym stand? Where Technogym will be showcasing Personal Line, a range of beautiful fitness equipment created with exclusive materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Home fitness equipment design

Modern day fitness equipment that is designed well will combine the use of quality materials combined in sleek design lines. This not only ensures that wellbeing becomes pleasurable, but that the home gym equipment complements and enhances your living space, instead of being ugly or standing out for being out-of-synch with the look and feel of your home.

Technogym’s Personal Line recognises the importance of sleek design so that the equipment is like a piece of furniture that could be considered a piece of art in itself. In collaboration with renowned Italian designer, Antonio Citteria, every piece of the Personal Line equipment is made using high-class and exclusive materials, and produced with eye-catching, beautiful craftsmanship.

Designed with the user in mind, the Personal Line is also produced using eco-friendly processes. The production of this equipment is state-of-the art, to ensure it is made to the highest quality standards.

Award-winning, innovative design

This high standard of quality along with innovative and stylish design is what makes it award-winning equipment. Over the last 12 years, Technogym has won design awards from iF Design Product, ADI Design Index, Red Dot Design and IDEA.

The Personal Line equipment has been winning prestigious design awards since 2007, where recognition has been given to the way the technology, design and materials used in the equipment help to create a connected and personal exercise experience.

Some of the equipment included in the Personal Line includes the Run Personal treadmill, the Recline Personal bike, the Cross Personal cross-trainer, and the Kinesis Personal, which is the ultimate in designer gym furniture.

The Personal Line

Run Personal stands out from other treadmills due to its unique design that combines the latest in technology with unbeatable Italian design. Materials used include polished aluminium, soft-touch plastic and glass to make the sleek equipment both comfortable and high end in its finish. It is a truly state-of-the-art and professional training experience.

The Recline Personal is gorgeous in its overall design and feel. Antonio Citterio‘s design is a masterpiece that melds together the user experience by providing the modern UNITY console for personalised entertainment and seamlessly synced personal performance data while training. It is a high-end product that considers safety, comfort and ease of use, as well as attention to detail in its appearance.

The Cross Personal is far from the chunky, clunky equipment found at many gyms. Instead, it is a beautiful, sleek piece of gym furniture that is easy on the eye and comfortable to use. Its elegant design combines glass, aluminium and micro-polished steel to create colours and lines that make this beautiful piece of furniture an icon of Italian design.

The design and functionality of Kinesis Personal is hard to beat when it comes to designer home gym furniture. This designer gym furniture is made from materials that have been carefully selected and crafted by hand to make a stylish finish. Including leather, polished aluminium and wood, it is also designed to absorb sound during movements to create an extremely comfortable experience for the user.