How to get moving back

Take one step at a time

People who get moving again after a rather long break risk starting too abruptly.
An excessive intensity might interrupt the immediate activity. Additionally, people may risk losing motivation because the training is too tiring. There is also the danger of overloading oneself and having an accident or mental/physical stress.


The secret is to start the right way. It all depends on your level of training, skills, characteristics, and abilities.

Discover how to get back in shape with a home workout.

Constant training, a healthy diet and a positive attitude are key elements for everyone, including women.

Finally, here are some wellness tips

Is your workout too intense?

It is essential to be able to measure your own workouts. Often it can be difficult to determine whether a workout is tailor-made and appropriate for our abilities or not.

Do you drink enough water?

Drinking is absolutely necessary for your body's vital functions. In particular, as you increase your amount of physical activity it is important to also increase the amount of water you consume each day.
If you are thirsty, you are probably dehydrated. Drink some water before you work out, and again after you finish. In the case of very intensive training, you may also wish to consume energy drinks. These help reintegrate water, salts, and minerals lost with sweat.


Not enough time?

Investing in your well-being is essential for any person. Of course, you will have to pull off a balancing act with your appointments, work, and family.


30 minutes of movement can easily be fit in any time throughout the day. Take the stairs, walk to the store, go biking, etc. There really are many solutions.

And the results will be increasingly evident for your body. Your motivation will increase and movement will become an integral part of your wellness lifestyle.Some Good Reasons to do Exercise:

There are many benefits from physical activity: improvements of  physical fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, and mood.

We see in detail how to positively impact the physical activity on our body:

- The cardiovascular system

With a regular workout, heart efficiency improves, blood is pumped faster and with less effort.

- The muscular and skeletal system

By increasing the lean mass and bone density, muscles and bones become stronger, more flexible and resistant, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and loss of muscle tissue over the years.


- Metabolism and body mass

Exercise helps to burn fat and increases muscle mass.

Since the muscles are metabolically active, you will burn more calories, you will lose body fat gradually and your body will look more toned and lean.

What is the best training?

The magic formula to get results quickly does not exist. You have to train yourself, and you have to do it right. A complete workout consists of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises.


Running, walking, swim stimulate large muscle groups in rhythmic mode and with moderate intensity you can support even long periods of time (ideally at least 10-30 minutes consecutively). For example, a perfect cardio training can be performed by walking or running on MyRun.



Workout using free weights, machines or exercising with free body or small tools.

If you are a beginner before using weights, ask for help from a qualified trainer.


- Flexibility:

You can try yoga or do stretching exercises and get countless benefits: more mobile joints, muscle stretching, reduced risk of injury, and posture improvement.

An example of training? Combine jogging on MyRun with countless strengths and flexibility exercises that can be carried out with the accessories of the Wellness Bag. You will be able to organize an optimal workout that alternates the cardio to the resistance using the elastic bands inside the bag