Current trends in creating your fitness space

The fitness industry is evolving quickly. Gym owners, Trainers and all fitness professionals need to stay ahead of trends to remain relevant to their customers.

Large functional fitness areas

Originally used in rehabilitation work, functional training has been gaining popularity the past couple of years as more people are seeing the value of training to perform everyday activities well and being ‘fit for purpose’.

The benefits of functional fitness include better joint mobility, flexibility, stability, and more efficient movement patterns. The versatility of functional training is excellent; your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating a functional workout.

Within the UK, an increasing amount of space is being allocated to functional and free-movement training within gyms and fitness facilities. These are most commonly equipped with a full set of Technogym’s Arke training equipment which includes: Water balls, Wellness balls, stability domes, kettlebells and mats to give users a variety of training options to suit their needs.

More small group training

Related to the trend of functional fitness is that of small group training. Often conducted with 3-5 people, small group training is more affordable than personal training: by having to pay less for your trainer’s time, it makes trainers’ skills more accessible to a broader range of people. It is also more motivating than one-to-one sessions – by providing a fun, social atmosphere between trainer and members.

For many people, the social aspect of small group training is what keeps them coming back. It also appeals to women, who want to get fitter and stronger but do not like traditional gym-based cardiovascular and weight training.

Versatile and multi-use functional training frames, such as Technogym’s Omina™ are growing increasingly popular as settings for small group training as they offer a huge range of options for dynamic exercises that cater to different needs and goals – strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and speed, or simply just to have fun.

Smarter fitness machines and technology

With an estimated one billion smartphone users in 2015 and a constant influx of new lifestyle and informational apps, technology is pervading all aspects of everyday life. This includes how to keep fit, stay healthy and track personal progress.

The rise of the ‘quantified self’ – whereby people want to measure themselves and all aspects of their lives in numbers – means that it is no longer practical for a Trainer to simply give guidance in the gym. Increasingly, trainers are required to become life or lifestyle coaches – giving advice not only on exercises but also on how to achieve nutritional, mental and emotional health. This evolving role is something that technology can enable and improve upon.

Fitness technologies are making gyms ‘smarter’ and facilitating a more intuitive member experience. Digital platforms and mobile apps like the Technogym mywellness ® Cloud allow fitness professionals to track their customers’ workout data and history seamlessly and automatically, inside and outside the gym via their gym machines, their smartphones or a PC.

Advanced, interactive cardio consoles like UNITY™ allow people to; access their assigned and personalised workout programme, take part in community and individual fitness challenges, access their personal preferences and enjoy their favourite entertainment channels - all while working out.

The focus is always on the customer

Placing the customer at the heart of everything will continue. Innovative technology, equipment and programming to suit customers’ needs will allow for greater member engagement, motivation and loyalty.

It’s no longer practical for a Trainer to simply give guidance. They are required to become lifestyle coaches – giving advice on how to achieve nutritional, mental and emotional health.”