Extend your race


Take your cardio experience to the next level: the UNITY console is the beating heart of a smart, personal and tailored Wellness experience. Your journey begins with a simple login and goes to any length. Break your records day after day. Instantly recall your apps settings. No matter the time or place, your race can begin again wherever UNITY is.


Workout isn’t just something you receive passively, in fact little results can be achieved without your full involvement in the action, mind and body. Motivation, entertainment, training variety and an experience that’s built around you only: that’s the magic touch your training was missing. That’s UNITY.

A personal matter

Log in to UNITY and it will instantly return all your settings, goals and workouts. You can take them wherever you want, just log back in to any UNITY powered device and your Wellness will follow.

Endless entertainment

All work and no fun? Not a chance. Play your own music, watch TV and Youtube videos, stream your Netflix favourite series and read the news while you sweat. Connect with your friends on social media, have a chat on Skype. Enjoy your apps while you train.

Why alone?

Run together with your friends at the gym, or against them if the challenge stirs you up: UNITY offers the Versus mode for one-to-one competition, and you can also face them all in The Arena.

Bring the outside in

Have you been tracking your outdoor runs and rides lately? You can import them from third parts such as STRAVA GARMIN & SUUNTO relive them indoors with the MyRunning Logbook* : will you beat your own best time?


MapMyFitness, Strava, RunKeeper, Polar, GARMIN CONNECT, The Health App, S Health and SUUNTO MOVESCOUNT are compatible with MyRunning Logbook. For more information, please contact us.

Marathons and virtual tracks

If you’re not up for the competition, you can also choose to run Rome or NY Marathons. Can’t get to the finish line in a single session? Pause your race and resume it anytime later. And if you’re looking for more variety, the Virtual Tracks bring mountain trails and seaside walks at your fingertip.

Race to your objectives

Get on board and choose among the many different training modes. Smooth hills for endurance or high-low blocks for intense interval training, it just takes one touch to set your objectives, and you may customise your track on the go with ease.

All the flavours of UNITY

UNITY is available on the Artis, Excite and Personal lines, as well as on Skillrun. Watch the specifications that apply to each of the different versions available.


Complete your Wellness experience


UNITY is not just for cardio: its capabilities also extend to strength equipment with UNITY MINI and can boost your experience at the fitness club with the UNITY SELF kiosk. Your digital Wellness journey has just started.



The strength returns to being intelligent: UNITY MINI guides you to the exercises, keeps track of your data and allows you to train on the strength equipment



The Wellness kiosk at your service: find your programmes, track body measurements and workout results.


The UNITY console is a vital component of the Technogym Ecosystem, the interconnected network that’s designed to enable a broader, portable and personal Wellness experience. Are you interested in bringing your club to the next level? Drop us a line now, the future doesn’t wait.