UNICA: unique and multifunctional

UNICA is a multifunctional training bench and is suitable for all your strength training needs at home. UNICA is our most comprehensive training equipment with a unique and compact design that is adaptable in small spaces. Because this home gymis compact in size, it’s easy to find a dedicated space where you can work out.


UNICA allows users to perform over 25 exercises in just under 1.5 square metres. Thanks to its exclusive system of levers, UNICA is the ideal home gym equipment for targeted muscle training. This equipment is recommended for the physical training of all kind of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Exercises that can be perfomed include; Squat, lateral raise, push-up and chest press. The fitness accessories that are included with UNICA are a real benefit: Wellness Pad (for performing stretching exercises), ankle bands and hand grips, resistance bands and a maintenance kit. A wheel kit is also provided to make moving the equipment easier and a technical manual to help you organise your workout day-to-day with a DVD to guide your workout.


Unica is available in two colour options for the upholstery and metal frame: Black and Bordeaux for upholstery; Silver and Black for the frame. UNICA is made with only the highest quality materials using the same as professional gym equipment so you can workout in comfort at home.Designed with specific biomechanical principles that make Unica safer and with particular attention to body movements, Unica is made for home training. Its easy start system allows you to begin an exercise without an excessive load.


The price of Unica includes:
- two years warranty
-delivery and installation (if required)
Transport and Installation by Technogym is a high quality service with maximum attention to detail which includes: assembly and positioning of the equipment wherever you want and testing and final cleaning of the installation area.


For over 30 years Technogym has worked on strength training equipment. Technogym was born producing the kinds of products able to empower different muscle groups. In the world of body building, Technogym appeared by proposing its groundbreaking vision about Wellness and innovative product ranges. The PURE STRENGTH or the Selection Pro ranges of products have been designed and conceived for those who want to train and improve their strength, and reach their maximum athletic potential. Beyond UNICA, Power Personal is the home gym solution for your own workout. To take wellness with you on the go: Wellness Rack and Wellness Weights are perfect additions.  

Technogym unica


Price: £5,390.00
Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation (if required)
  • UNICA is a multifunctional bench for your home built with the same materials as professional gym equipment. Elegant by design, UNICA is the most comprehensive physical fitness and muscle-strengthening equipment that exists.
  • Pricing is inclusive of VAT, 2 years warranty, transport and installation(if required). The transport and installation provided by Technogym are high quality services, with maximum attention to detail. Installation includes assembly and positioning of the equipment, testing and final cleaning of the installation area. The services can be booked on a specific day and at a time that suits you.
    Numerous accessories are also included:
    Wellness Pad (a mat for performing stretching exercises)
    Workout ankle band
    Workout hand grip
    Workout pulley bar
    A comprehensive technical manual with suggestions on how to organize your workout programs
    DVD to guide your workout
    Maintenance kit
    Wheel kit to make moving the equipment easier
  • Exercises possible:

    • Squat
    • Shoulder press
    • Lateral raise
    • Incline chest press
    • Pullover
    • 90° lateral raise
    • Abdominal crunch
    • Chest press
    • Incline Bench Fly
    • Dumbbell biceps on bench
    • Dumbbell bent row
    • Triceps concentration
    • Bench Fly
  • Versions available:

    • Frame colours :Silver, Black
    • Upholstery colours: Black, Bordeaux
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