Maratona dles Dolomites

The athletic training

The Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel 2018 is near and Technogym will use all the time missing to support the participants in the athletic preparation for the prestigious race.

For years Technogym has been proud to support one of the most popular sports: the cycling Gran Fondo. And this time it follows the race up to Alta Badia, the most evocative location in Italy for a cycling race.

Training and getting ready for the queen of the Gran Fondo is absolutely essential if you want to enjoy all the charm of pedalling. Technogym's mission is to contribute to the cyclist's psycho-physical preparation with a dedicated training programme.

On 2 July from 5.30 a. m., the still cold treads of about 9,000 bicycles will meet in La Villa to face the enchanting and impervious route. The adventure of the Dolomites hides behind the apparent meekness, a series of deceptions, satisfactions, emotions, sweat and enchantment like few other places. Cyclists, italian for a good half of them, the rest coming from seventy countries around the world, already know the pitfalls of the so-called "Pale Mountains". Even if in truth, in front of the cycling enterprise that awaits them, they are themselves paling!

... As long as the sun in his setting the pale peaks of the Dolomites tinges.
While the Marmarole dear to Veccellio are aglow with rosy refulgence, a palace
Of dreams in the calm of the evening, an Elysium of spirits and fairies...

Cadore, Giosuè Carducci

The Technogym Scientific Department has created

the training programme dedicated to the Marathon dles Dolomites - Enel

The programme includes both athletic indoor training through the MYCYCLING APP and outdoor training.



There are 3 possible routes for the 2018 Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel: Long route (138km), Medium route(106km) o the Sellaronda route (55km). Participants are free to select the route best suited to their ability, also during the race.

Long route

Long route, 138 km: La Villa, Corvara, Campolongo Pass, Arabba, Pordoi Pass, crossroads to Sella Pass, Sella Pass, Plan de Gralba, Gardena Pass, Corvara, Campolongo Pass, Arabba, Colle Santa Lucia, Giau Pass, Pocol, Falzarego Pass, Passo Valparola, San Cassiano, La Villa, Corvara.
The highest point is the passage on the Pordoi pass at an altitude of 2,249 m, while the overall difference in height is 4230 mt.

Medium route

Medium Route, 106 km: La Villa, Corvara, Campolongo Pass, Arabba Pass, Pordoi Pass, crossroads to Sella Pass, Sella Pass, Plan de Gralba, Gardena Pass, Corvara Pass, Campolongo Pass, Arabba Pass, Pieve di Livinallongo, Cernadoi, Falzarego Pass, Valparola Pass, San Cassiano Pass, La Villa, Corvara.
The difference in height is 3130 mt.

Sella Ronda route

Sella Ronda route, 55 km: La Villa, Corvara, Campolongo Pass, Arabba, Pordoi Pass, crossroads to Sella Pass, Sella Pass, Plan de Gralba, passo Gardena, Corvara. The difference in height is 1780 mt.

Train your strength to achieve balance

The Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel this year will have as its theme Balance.

Why balance? The balance originates from a state of awareness and stability that is achieved by remaining firm and objective, even when in the prey of shock, disorder or unbalance.

The whole existence develops through the thrust of internal and external forces. The state of balance does not come from the cessation of these forces but from their sum. Just like in the dynamics of a scale.

So fatigue, effort, exhaustion, testing, seductive and hostile nature are the forces that a trained and centered cyclist can and must oppose his strength to.

Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel training programme

Technogym's Scientific Department has structured a training programme dedicated to the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel, which includes athletic training for indoor and outdoor training as part of the MYCYCLING APP.


The training plan lasts four months and includes three indoor sessions on MYCYCLING per week.

Indoor sessions will be the strength of your winter athletic training; you'll see the benefits yourself as soon as you get out on the road.

To maximize your performance, we recommend that you integrate indoor seating with the outdoor programme.



For the first time ever, MYCYCLING, the innovative indoor cycle training product, introduces TNT™ (Technogym Neuromuscular Training™), the Technogym-patented system that will enable you to improve the qualities that you need when cycling on the road.

Indoor training with MYCYCLING, becomes even more engaging thanks to its compatibility with the online platform Zwift.



Threshold test, programmes, customization, paths and bio-feedback - all in one app. Simply place your smartphone on the handlebar holder to take control of MYCYCLING via Bluetooth® and start training like you've never done before.