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Fuel your body with the skills of athletes. Set your heart racing in group classes and choose your favorite programs every day.

skillx class training

SkillX gives you the most technologically-advanced, performance-oriented, group training experience possible.

Develops multiple components of physical performance for a balanced and complete training profile.


performance training



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the sport inspired and performance driven

What makes it unique

Endless variety

Four different programs every week ensure you never train the same way.

All-round performance

Each class trains you for specific skills, so you can explore your athletic potential the way you want.

Measurable results

Heart rate monitoring measures compliance and demonstrates results from the inside.

High-tech gear

Leverage the most advanced equipment to boost your capacities in ways you didn't think possible.

skillx class

The Journey

skillx class new training programs every week
Step 1

Trainers receive four new training programs every week, based on Power Agility Stamina and Speed.

skillx class performance
Step 2

Participants can book the Performance Class through the mywellness app.

skillx class log in
Step 3

When participants arrive at the Unity Self kiosk, they simply log in to the Teambeats app.

skillx class screen timer
Step 4

The trainer guides participants through the warmup, workout, and cooldown with the on-screen timer setting the pace.

skillx class check your results
Step 5

After each class, the individual heart rate breakdown is assessed to monitor compliance with the class.

skillrun class the method

The Method

The Performance Class is based on the Skillathletic Method, a balanced training format that’s scientifically proven to increase physical capacities. All the workouts are designed to supercharge your Power, Agility, Speed, and Stamina.

skillx class power


Power-centric workouts focus on different types of strength training (heavy, explosive, ballistic and plyometric), performed at sub-maximal loads and maximum speed.

skillx class agility


Different exercises modulate speed and positions so participants will need to adapt continuously, while repetitions enable them to progress towards maximum efficiency.

skillx class speed


Speed workouts focus on enhancing acceleration, stride, rate of movement, and speed endurance using targeted exercises and performance-specific equipment.

skillx class stamina


Specific workouts engage multiple muscle groups either at a constant pace or with intense intervals, pushing the participant's body out of the comfort zone and stimulating it to adapt accordingly.

skillx class


The Skill Line equipment is designed to trigger your physical capacities in every possible way. Three pieces of cardio equipment and a complete set of functional training accessories are the key enablers of the Skillathletic Training Method.

skillx class skillmill


Bend the limits of your speed. Push your legs to full steam. Test your stamina on the long run and practice agility drills.

skillx class skillbike


Gear up and enhance your cycling performance. Gain the edge with live feedback on your pedal stroke.

skillx class skillrow


Challenge your power and stamina with the fluid sensation of rowing in water, with no strain on your back.

skillx class skilltools


A complete set of functional accessories - essential to all phases of training - from warmup and workout to cooldown.

What's included

skillx class smart equipment
Smart equipment

Thanks to the Multidrive Technology™ of Technogym’s Skill Line equipment, you can train athletic pillars such as Power, Agility, Stamina, and Speed.

skillx class plyo boxes
Plyo boxes

Boxes enable participants to perform plyometric exercises like jumping, landing, and more dynamic exercises.

skillx class teambeats pro app
Teambeats™ pro app

The Teambeats professional app installed on the Unity Self kiosk shows exercise videos, timers that work on work/rest, countdown, or custom, as well as heart rate values for each participant.

skillx class heart rate bands
Heart rate bands

By pairing heart rate bands with the Unity Self kiosk, the external screen displays each participant’s heart rate zones during the workout and heart rate chronology at the end of the class.

skillx class unity self
Unity™ Self

A dedicated kiosk, where trainers select the workout and start the class. Participants join the class by going to the kiosk and tapping on their avatar which then appears on the external screen.

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