SKILLROW APP takes your indoor rowing training to the next level. Whether at home or in the gym, by connecting the app to the SKILLROW™ rowing machine, you can challenge other users in indoor rowing races and improve your results with our training programs, developed with Olympic athletes.

skillrow app indoor rowing - take on the challenge


SKILLROW APP offers customised and performance-oriented indoor rowing training plans such as Technogym Neuromuscular Training and interval training. Or else, choose a workout goal and create your own rowing workout. Test your progress by taking part in rowing competitions: be the first one to cross the finish line!

skillrow app indoor rowing - virtual training


Improve your rowing technique, following the tips of the best trainers and rowing champions: exercises on SKILLROW and total body exercises are combined in total body workouts that allow you to gain power, resistance, speed and tone, just like a professional rowing athlete.

skillrow app indoor rowing - track your performance


SKILLROW APP tracks your results and gives you a real-time overview of your rowing performances. You can analyse the angle of the oar and monitor the power, cadence, peak force and length of your stroke. SKILLROW APP offers a simple and intuitive feedback to help you improve your results.

What's new on Skillrow App


The Skillrow App has been updated to bring exciting new features. Here’s a quick glimpse:

  • Custom workouts: set your own sequences and training programs
  • Training results: new interface gives you even more data
  • HR monitoring: connect your heart rate device and watch your biometrics on screen
skillrow app indoor rowing - custom workouts


Guided workouts are a great way to improve your rowing performance over time, but we know it well: one size doesn’t fit all. With the Skillrow App, you can now create your own workouts, setting your own sequences and letting the app tell you what’s next while you row.

skillrow app indoor rowing - training results


Getting to know your times and average strokes per minute is certainly important, but it doesn’t really tell you when you reached your maximum performance or when fatigue started kicking in. That essential bit of information, and much more, comes with the Skillrow App’s workout analysis, offering more data than you could imagine.

skillrow app indoor rowing - heart rate monitoring


A heart rate device is a fundamental device when it comes to assessing both your workout intensity and cardiovascular performance. Don’t miss a single beat: the Skillrow App can now connect to your device and give you a detailed drilldown on your heart’s efficiency all through the workout.

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