Skillmill HIIT

45 minutes of exertion that sends the heart racing - deliberately.

skillmill hiit

Skillmill HIIT is all about building power, speed, and stamina. The name of the game is achieving athletic potential in a fast-paced, high-octane sequence.

Exercises take place in three different stations: the Skillmill, the plyo boxes, and the free weights zone. As participants cycle through, your group will feel the pressure building.





45 minutes



high-intensity fans

What makes it unique

Skillmill can switch instantly between cardio and power, creating the most diverse training patterns.

It's targeted at building more power, speed and stamina for the activities and sports participants love.

Monitor heart rate zones while training to adjust workload for maximum effectiveness.

skillmill hiit - what makes it unique

The Journey

skillmill hiit prepare your class
Step 1

Prepare your class

Trainers can draw inspiration from Technogym’s library of educational videos and create profiles using Class Content Builder on the operator portal.

skillmill hiit set up and start the class
Step 2

Set up and start the class

Trainers choose the workout from their library and select the music from the Uniy™️ Self kiosk.

skillmill hiit on-screen guidance
Step 3

On-screen guidance

Participants follow the on-screen instructions to keep track of exercises, and the timer prompts them to move to the next station.

skillmill hiit guided by your heart
Step 4

Guided by your heart

The on-screen heart rate display guides participants during the class so that trainers can ensure they stay within their target heart rate.

skillmill hiit check your results
Step 5

Check your results

Training results are saved to each participant account, helping measure progress.

skillmill hiit


The innovative Multidrive Technology enables you to experience the full speed resistance spectrum. By shifting the Multidrive lever, resistance will vary from zero to maximum, so you can switch to any level between resistance-free running and an all-out sled push.

What's included

skillmill hiit smart equipment
Smart equipment

Skillmill optimizes training space and allows for a wide range of speed and power training.

skillmill hiit plyo boxes
Plyo boxes

To perform plyometric exercises like jumping, landing, and more dynamic strength, power, and fitness exercises.

skillmill hiit free weights
Free weights

For strength exercises on the floor with slamballs, dumbbells and kettlebells.

skillmill hiit heart rate bands
Heart rate bands

To display heart rates on the external screen.

skillmill hiit unity self
Unity Self

A dedicated kiosk, where trainers can set up the workout.

skillmill hiit teambeats app
Teambeats app

Installed on the Unity Self kiosk to run the class.

skillmill hiit external screen
External screen

Connected to the kiosk via HDMI® technology, creating a more engaging experience.

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