Rack Personal ensures effective and safe strength training. Together with Bench Personal composed of the following configurations: Power Personal Superior and Power Personal Excellence.


Style and safety Technogym’s thirty years of development experience and the design concepts by Antonio Citterio combined make Rack Personal reliable and safe. Thanks to the Smart Lock system the barbell holder cannot be unlocked accidentally. The Smart Lock is at hand and can be easily activated. In addition the height adjustment of the safety bars is easy and completely smooth. Lastly, to keep the exercise area neat and free from obstacles Rack Personal offers integrated storage for dumbbells, barbell and discs.

Rack Personal versions Rack Personal is available in two colour options: chrome and dark . Both versions include a chrome-plated steel bar for different pull-up exercises. Please note that discs and barbells are not included. Rack Personal can also be integrated with an additional kit for functional training for more exercise possibilities such as suspension training and workouts with resistance bands. Two of the configurations with Rack Personal: Power Personal Superior and Power Personal Excellence.

Technogym MD15K-NBK000S


  • Rack Personal ensures maximum safety thanks to the innovative Smart Lock and Precision Glide systems allowing user-friendly barbell support locking and a smooth, fluid sliding movement of the safety bars. It also includes an ergonomic, chrome-plated steel bar for pull-ups with the Multi-grip.

    This item does not include:
    • Discs
    • Barbell
  • Pricing is inclusive of VAT, 2 years warranty, transport and installation. The transport and installation provided by Technogym are high quality services, with maximum attention to detail. Installation includes assembly and positioning of the equipment, testing and final cleaning of the installation area. The services can be booked on a specific day and at a time that suits you.
  • Colours available:

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