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Home exercise bike: our buying guide


Searching for the perfect exercise bike can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Since there are so many types of exercise bikes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the numerous options. However, there are some elements which can help you choose your ideal bike. Here are the most important elements to consider when choosing your bike:

Shape and Design: the exercise bike is not just a training machine, but it can also be a decorative element. Thanks to the innovative design solutions, the exercise bikes can give an added value to your spaces. Therefore, choose the bike you like the most in terms of shape and design.

Dimensions: remember to carefully consider the space in which the exercise bike will be placed and to select a bike which is the perfect size for you. Thanks to the new designs available, the exercise bike can be small and practical, perfect for every space.

Extra features: choose the exercise bike which has all the extra features that are fundamental for you. For instance, search for exercise bikes with easy-to-use controls and clear displays. This way, it will be easier for you to train while checking your parameters such as heart rate, calories burned and others. You can also select a bike with a screen to listen to music, watch tv or online workouts hosted by professional trainers while cycling.

Security: make sure that the bike is safe. Be careful that the bike can be locked and that the parts of the bike and its settings can be covered. Especially if you live with children, safety comes first.

Noise: some exercise bikes are noisier than others. That’s why you should check the bike’s noisiness, especially if you need the bike for your home gym and to train without disturbing anybody.

Smart exercise bike with screen: ideal for unique workouts


To have always new workouts, exercise bikes with a screen are ideal. This is because thanks to their screen, they cannot just show you your parameters during the workout but can guide your training with interactive features. By using the screen, you can have access to unique workouts which will be shown to you step by step while you train. This is ideal especially for beginners since they can be guided during the workout to avoid the risk of injuries or mistakes. This feature, however, is also perfect for expert users since it offers new training opportunities which will allow to experiment different workouts every day. A personal trainer can, for instance, help you find the perfect workout for you, motivate you during your training and give you useful tips. Furthermore, the screen allows you to do several activities while training. For example, you can watch tv or your favourite Netflix series while cycling, or you can just listen to music. This is perfect for people who work full time and want to stay in shape without getting bored or miss the latest episode of their favourite series. The screen is an element which does not just help you, but also entertain you during the workout.

Exercise bike with apps to keep track of your workouts


Thanks to the latest technological advancements, exercise bikes can now be connected to several apps. This does not only help you keeping track of your basic parameters but will also enable you to understand which workout works better for you. Usually, it is difficult to grasp the real meaning of parameters since not everyone is an expert in the field. The Platform makes the parameters intuitive and clear, enabling you to evaluate your progress and standards without the aid of a professional trainer. Interactive workouts, parameter control and online classes are available on the platform, making training easy and fun. Moreover, you can always consult the parameters from your last trainings in order to adjust the next training to your body condition.

Compact exercise bikes for small spaces


Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your house, this is no longer a problem! Thanks to their innovative design, the new exercise bikes are small and compact, perfect for every space. This allows you to train safely and comfortably without using too much space in your house! Furthermore, they are practical to move, allowing you to train wherever you want in the house without worrying about occupying space. This is also ideal if you live with kids, since being able to move the exercise bike from one room to another allows you to make sure that the children will never find it and play with it. It is the safest option to work out at home without worrying of safety.

Payment methods: monthly instalments available


There are three payment methods available: credit card, bank transfer, and financing. You can therefore divide the cost of the exercise bike by paying in monthly instalments. Technogym customer care service is available at all times to illustrate all the necessary steps to pay in instalments and to answer all your questions.

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