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Technogym Ellipticals are a combination of comfort, design, and technology. Their innovative and ground-breaking design has been conceived to enhance performance and provide an ultimate workout experience.
They use rear-drive technology to provide a smoother and more natural workout, allowing you to control your movements and balance more effectively. In this way, muscles and joints are subjected to less strain. In fact, our compact ellipticals can also be used for post-injury recovery training.
Our Cross Trainers are equipped with hand sensors that allow you to constantly monitor your heart rate during your exercise sessions. The Cross Personal features an intuitive display with an easy-to-use data tracking system and all models can be used in conjunction with our training apps so you can check your personal data at any time.
All elliptical trainers are manufactured to the highest quality standards enabling you to reach your fitness goals both safely and comfortably.

How to choose the best elliptical machine for your home

Choosing the best elliptical machine can be difficult and time-consuming. When searching cross trainers online, it is important to keep in mind your personal fitness goals and individual needs.
Important factors to consider when choosing an elliptical bike include:

  • Intensity of training: the movements made on the elliptical follow those performed with three different types of equipment: treadmill, exercise bike and stair climber. It is a real total body fitness experience, with various levels of difficulty.
  • Ease of use: a cross trainer must be built to facilitate the workouts. Our ellipticals guarantee a smooth movement, reducing joint and muscle stress.
  • Safety: all our elliptical trainers are designed for intense workouts in total safety, without the risk of equipment shifting during training.
  • App: our training apps can be used with all our ellipticals, and they provide key information about your workout such as your heart rate, speed, incline, and resistance.
  • Programmes: the exclusive Technogym sessions allow you to exercise with our virtual personal trainers, ensuring you achieve your fitness objectives in complete safety.

Cross Personal: the silent elliptical with programs

The streamlined look developed by Antonio Citterio means the Cross Personal is an elliptical of exceptional ergonomic design. The Cross Personal features mirrored details and a high-quality finish making it stand out from all other elliptical trainers.
The integrated digital console has a whole host of different training programs which allows you to stay focused and connected while working out.

You can play all your favourite music from your Apple or your Android device via Bluetooth. One of the main characteristics of the Cross Personal is its silent movement. This provides a quiet workout, a feature that makes it perfect for your home gym. Cross Personal has optimal training potential, allowing you to perform intense cardio workouts but at the same time reducing your perception of stress and fatigue.

Choose your training programme

The innovative Technogym Live interface of Cross Personal elliptical allows you to carry out specific goal-orientated workouts, concentrating on specific areas of your body. The exercise workouts are clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions via either videos or pop-up messages.
The screen acts as your own personal trainer and the interactive features of Technogym Live will guide you and help you reach your goals. All the workouts and exercises are exclusively developed by industry professionals whose aim is to help you achieve your fitness objectives safely and comfortably.

How to buy our elliptical trainers online

Once you have chosen the elliptical machine that is right for you, just add into the shopping cart and proceed to the payment page. If you need additional information, our expert team is available to provide support and answer any questions you might have.

Payment methods: monthly instalments available

There are three payment methods available: credit card, bank transfer, and monthly instalments. You can spread out the cost of the Elliptical by paying in monthly instalments. Our Technogym customer care service team is available to assist you with all your payment requirements.

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