Omnia Class

Take motor abilities to the next level and boost metabolic levels. Omnia Class is built around functional movement concepts and makes training measurable and suitable at any skill level.

omnia class training

This is a unique workout based on the combination of the seven fundamental movements and heart rate zone training, developed by Technogym Scientific Research.

Omnia™ Class is practically for anyone: from those just starting their fitness journey to those looking for an intense training experience, or even just being energized by the group to get them going.


functional training



45 minutes



functional training lovers

What makes it unique

The variety of exercises guarantees an engaging and effective training experience.

Functional movement combines with heart rate training for a personalized and effective workout.

The class accommodates up to nine participants within the smallest of footprints.

The three different programs, Move, Train and Play, are designed to suit any type of participant.

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The Journey

omnia class plan the class
Step 1

Plan the class

Trainers can use the class planner to organize their Move, Train, and Play programs, and monitor class participants.

omnia class engaging programs
Step 2

Engaging programs

Members can book their Omnia Class and choose their program anytime, from anywhere.

omnia class train to the beat
Step 3

Train to the beat

Members sync their personal heart rate monitoring device with the mywellness account and set the maximum heart rate.

omnia class check progress after the class
Step 4

Check progress after the class

Evaluate visual graphics and reports for each participant in the account, where all data is tracked and stored.

The method

The Omnia Functional Training method is designed to optimize the development of your functionality, improving your motor learning and abilities. With proper combinations of the seven fundamental movements, abilities are then applied to the Move, Train, and Play process.

omnia class move, train and play
Move, Train, and Play

The three programs are designed around different needs, from beginners who are starting to move to performers who want to train harder.

omnia class heart zones
Heart zones

With the participants' heart rate zones on-screen, trainers can easily assess if the workload of a given exercise or training session is optimal for the specific goal or if it needs to be adjusted.


Omnia8 can accommodate group training activities for up to eight participants, but can also be used individually, with or without supervision. Its compact footprint makes it suitable even for smaller facilities.

omnia class maximum functionality

Maximum functionality

Perform a truly personalized workout

Variety of exercises

Enjoy effective and engaging training with a vast array of exercise options.

omnia class variety of exercises

What's included

omnia class smart equipment
Smart equipment

With its attachable accessories, no two Omnia sessions will ever be the same.

omnia class unity self
Unity Self

A dedicated kiosk, where participants start and finish their journey. It also keeps all the equipment synchronized.

omnia class teambeats app
Teambeats app

Installed on the Unity Self kiosk, the app displays heart rate zones and timer on-screen.

omnia class external screen
External screen

Connected to the kiosk via HDMI® technology, the screen creates a more engaging experience.

omnia class flooring

Floor graphics guide participants to the next station.

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