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Training at home to get in shape for Summer

The cold of Winter is a good enough reason to stay at home for many people. People often feel protected under the layers of warm clothing and its a perfect cover for those excess pounds.

But sooner or later summer will come, our lighter clothes will come back into the wardrobe, leaving us nowhere to hide. All is not lost. You can get back in shape. And fitness at home is an excellent way to say hello to summer. But hours and hours of training and last-minute diets will be no help if not supported by a healthy lifestyle. There are just two rules to keep in mind for embracing a healthy lifestyle:

  • eating a balanced diet;
  • training in a smart, regular way.

So forget the excuses and make space for an exercise bike, running machine, cross trainer, whatever is right for you and start to enjoy fitness equipment and physical activity!

Let's start with the diet

Perhaps none of us ever focuses on the word “diet”and its original meaning. Generally we associate it you with terms such as calories, balance, sacrifice, restrictions. Or, in any case, let us makes us immediately think about a particular “fad” diet. In fact, diet derives from the Latin diaetha, in turn from the Greek δίαιτα, dìaita, "way of life": in ancient Greek medicine, in fact, it indicated the complex rules of life (nutrition, physical activity, rest, etc.) aimed at keeping us healthy. The Greeks had already taken up the concept of wellness. Even if issues of weight are not your primary concern, it can be enough to take on some simple healthy eating habits that should become a way of life.
Let's discover them together.
Drink plenty of water. Water is an essential component which enables our bodies to function properly: it is important to drink even before you feel thirsty.
Distribute food intake as evenly as possible throughout the day. Avoid consuming the majority of your total daily calorie intake in a single evening meal.
Avoid going without food for longer than three hours at a time. Besides being a cause of poor efficiency and sometimes even illness, going without eating can lead to dangerous drops in blood sugar concentration, which alter insulin/glucagon levels with potentially negative consequences.
Eat smaller portions and more frequently. Small and frequent meals prevent the digestive system from overloading and thus contribute to continued well-being. By contrast, heavy meals separated by long periods without food result in poor efficiency and can make you feel bloated and lethargic.
During meals, avoid eating excessive portions of one type of food. Even essential nutrients consumed in large quantities can actually be damaging. For example, excessive protein intake during meals can cause kidney damage.
The right eating habits
: all types of fish (a source of “good” fats). Meat from any type of animal but only lean cuts, with all visible fat removed. Vegetables. Egg whites (egg yolks should only be consumed occasionally). Low-fat yoghurt and milk.
Avoid: Fatty meat, sausages, high-fat cheeses, offal.
Fruit and vegetables, wholemeal cereals. Milk and yoghurt.
: extra-virgin olive oil, hard-shelled dried fruit (almonds, walnuts, hazel nuts), fish oil (Omega 3).
Avoid: butter, margarine, lard, fat, hydrogenated vegetable oils.
: vegetables and cereals, preferably unrefined, such as whole wheat flour, pasta, rice and bread. Fresh fruit.
Avoid: croissants and pastries, sweet snacks, desserts and sugary drinks.

Training Correctly

The secret to getting back into shape quickly and seeing results is to combine aerobic activity with anaerobic activity. And of course, flexibility training. Anaerobic activity is that in which in a short period of time you undergo intense effort without using oxygen (strength training). Aerobic exercise, on the other hand, uses oxygen as fuel. The more oxygen we supply to our muscles, the better we will be in shape. Oxygen provides energy for prolonged exercises of low to medium intensity. So what aerobic activities can we start practicing?

  • foot race;
  • jogging and running;
  • swimming;
  • using an exercise bike/cycling.

Aerobic exercise is an infallible method of burning fat and promoting weight loss. If carried out continuously and consistently! Performed for a relatively long time, it will help you get back into shape, but above all aerobic exercises will improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs and your ability to use oxygen and oxidize fat. Moderate or vigorous aerobic exercise should be done 5 or more times a week, muscle toning training 2-3 times and flexibility training almost daily. If the weather is still uncertain or if we can't go to the gym, training at home is the ideal solution. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for indoor training. We can perform any type of training thanks to the use of tools with increasingly advanced technology.

What are the best types of home fitness equipment?

Using a home treadmill can be the main tool for aerobic activity. Running is a fundamental method of getting back into shape. Running is a natural movement within everyone's reach, but there are differences in intensity levels, and you can move from a light rhythm to a very intense one, but not only that. Each of us running has a stride, cadence and oscillation that are our own. These are parameters that we will have to keep under control during a run, and that is why we need to have a way of tracking them.
Continuous improvement in running is also based on the refinement of the technique. The main feature of the MYRUN treadmill is its technological tracking, thanks to which it is able to measure cadence, step length and torso oscillation. The MYRUN treadmill native app provides real-time motion information for constant monitoring of parameters.
The innovative running surface also adapts dynamically to our running style and provides differentiated cushioning depending on the runner - this is also the best way to reduce the risk of injury. Music will be a precious ally: the running music function allows you to automatically select from your playlists the songs that best fit your running rhythm. With running logbook you can also replicate the outdoor trails. All the highs and all the lows (literally) ... directly in your living room.
Effective exercise
Walk a steady pace (or run a light run) for 10 minutes. Then set the slope to the highest value and, without holding the handles, walk with a wide stride for a minute. After this time, return the slope to zero for two minutes then repeat the exercise at the maximum slope for another minute. Repeat the whole process two or three times. This is a great general aerobic and strength workout for the lower limbs.

Running and walking not your thing? What about cycling?

Never give up your goal to get back into shape. As we all know, aerobic activity is fundamental to get back into shape and finding the most suitable one will allow you to train more constantly and therefore seeing more results. If running is not your favourite activity, then cycling could be it.
Here are 4 good reasons to choose a workout on your pedals:

  • Does not overload your knees;
  • Good for weight loss;
  • Strengthens leg muscles;
  • Teaches fatigue management.
Pedalling is the perfect combination of human and mechanical work. It is a round and rhythmic movement that starts from the power of the leg to give energy to the pedal, chain and wheel. Every lap of the pedal involves all the lower muscles of our body, but also the abdominal and dorsal muscles. Pedalling is the most effective movement for burning calories and toning the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Sitting on the saddle means you don't weigh too heavily on your hips, knees and ankles. An indoor bike is the ideal tool to start pedalling.
Toning leg and buttocks muscles is one of the first requirements for improving one's performance. Bike Forma is the closest experience to pedalling, it is silent and stable and with three different training positions it adapts perfectly to every need:

  • Standard position
  • Race" position - for lovers of intensive training. Comfort is ensured by the integrated elbow supports;
  • City bike" position - upright back and outstretched arms.

Heart rate monitoring during exercise is also possible thanks to Hand Sensor technology for effective and safe training.

If you want to ride but suffer from back pain then you can opt for a reclined bike like Recline Forma for a really effective workout without sacrificing comfort. The wide overpass and comfortable saddle make this tool the ideal solution for all those who suffer from back pain or mobility limitations and wish to do moderate cardio activity. Easy pedalling and monitoring technologies will add motivation and consistency to your home training sessions.

Have you ever heard of cross training?

Cross training involves several muscles at the same time and becomes a total body activity. It is an intense training, more and more often used by professional athletes to perfect their athletic gesture. Synchro Forma is the perfect professional cross trainer for enjoying total body training in all simplicity. The smooth movement reduces joint and muscle stress, making it ideal for slimming, toning and improving coordination.
With Synchro Forma we can vary the exercise depending on the handle used:

  • the central handles allow you to concentrate on the lower part of the body;
  • mobile handles allow muscles to be involved in the arms, legs and trunk.
Effective exercise
Set resistance so that you train at a moderate effort. Continue for 10 minutes and then set your resistance to a level that allows you to perceive the effort as intense. Try to keep it for one minute, giving it the maximum. Then it restores the resistance to a minimum level for two minutes. Finally, it goes back to intense activity for one minute. Repeat it all two or three more times: it is an excellent aerobic and strength work involving both the upper and lower limbs.

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