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Technogym SKILLRUN chosen for flagship Equinox Kensington Club

Since 2012 Equinox, the high performance lifestyle leader, has been welcoming fashionistas, celebrities and London’s elite through the doors of its flagship UK site, Equinox Kensington. Renowned for its A-list clientele and world-class trainers, Equinox Kensington is housed in the historic Art Deco Derry & Toms building at the foot of the Royal Parks. An illuminated elliptical dome is the centrepiece of this visually stunning space, evoking energy, luxury and exemplary detail.
Equinox Kensington was one of the first sites in the UK to invest in SKILLRUN, the first piece of running equipment designed to meet the training requirements of elite athletes and demanding fitness enthusiasts. SKILLRUN is the latest addition to Skill Line – a range of equipment focused on athletic performance training and created as a result of Technogym’s rich Olympic heritage, having supplied the last seven editions of the Olympic Games, from Sydney 2000 to PyeongChang 2018. Its unique Multidrive Technology – a feature characteristic across all Skill line products – allows users to combine cardio and power training in a single solution.

Becs Gentry, Run Coach, Marathoner and Equinox Group Fitness Instructor says: "the Technogym SKILLRUN offers a wide range of programmes to suit how each member prefers to make their personal indoor running experience. During Precision Running we often utilise the Bootcamp mode as the split screen offers ease when it comes to the frequent changes in speed and incline within our sessions. If it is a relatively straight forward session plan I will use Speed Shift, as this really encourages members to stay on the treadmill during speed decreases instead of jumping off as it nicely mirrors the natural slow down of the human motion outdoors."
Precision Running is an hour-long class that mixes speed, incline, duration and recovery. Focusing on technique coaching, the class takes participants through a patterned flow that constantly switches speed, time and incline to take them to the next level.
Tread and Shred is a 45 minute interval training session designed to boost cardio endurance by varying speed and incline. Speed and gradient can be changed in an instant, thanks to SKILLRUN’s QUICKPAD. Speed changes are also quicker than normal to ensure the most efficient training session.

Additional unique features, PARACHUTE and SLED TRAINING provide further versatility to the sessions.

SLED TRAINING reproduces the feeling of pushing a sled on grass to allow participants to further boost their explosive power and acceleration. Resistance is high at first and decreases at a constant rate as you speed up.
PARACHUTE TRAINING replicates the sensation of outdoor running with a parachute to strengthen resistive power and top-end speed. Resistance is minimal at first but increases as you gain speed.

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