Technogym Live: training has never been so much fun

What could be more relaxing than a walk through a lavender field or more recharging than a ride through the Alps?

Thanks to the revolutionary Technogym Live platform, you can enjoy a fully personalized training experience, anywhere you are, with on-demand video contents featuring your favorite trainers, programs and outdoor POV (point of view) virtual training. Moreover, the Technogym Live console offers you endless entertainment options that include TV channels, social media, Netflix and a wide range of apps ranging from games to breaking news.

Among the many features, the Outdoor Virtual Training option offers you virtual and immersive courses set in natural environments as well as some of the World’s major cities.
Immerse yourself in the middle of nature, in a seaside scenario or in the energy of the cities, choosing from a wide range of different landscapes, such as the snow-capped mountains of the Loveland Pass, Colorado, the crystal sea at El Nido beach in the Philippines, or the Colosseum in Rome.

Discover Technogym Live

Within such a variety of options and content, the brand new Technogym Coach - the first artificial intelligence applied to fitness – truly personalizes your training experience. Technogym Coach manages your data and guides you, day by day, by suggesting different training options based on your personal passions, needs and tastes.

Thanks to this unique ecosystem, Technogym is able to offer you a Precision Training experience: the technological innovation, product design, scientific research, on-board digital contents allow you to choose and customize your training to achieve the desired results.

Technogym Live is the engaging digital user interface that inspires you to embrace exercise and make it a part of your daily life, thanks to the expertise of Technogym and its partners, such as World Nature Video, who provide captivating and quality content: this way, you can live a fully personalized and engaging training experience. World Nature Video provides a large, international and varied library of videos that show the pureness of nature and the beauty of the world, with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to discover – and train in! - the most stunning places.

Technogym Live console is built-in on all Technogym new generation products and available for upgrade on existing products. You will be able to enjoy live and on-demand training videos on Technogym’s equipment consoles and on the new Mywellness app.

Technogym, thanks to its experience as official supplier at 7 Olympics, 80,000 wellness centers in 100 countries, its 300 patents and its team of over 200 people working in research and innovation, is able to guarantee the best quality in terms of biomechanics and movement, the most captivating Italian design and the best digital technologies with integrated and easy to use interfaces, the widest range of connected smart equipment, the Mywellness cloud platform and several applications.

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