TECHNOGYM LIVE: your favourite fitness classes on demand

Technogym introduces the new TECHNOGYM LIVE digital platform, offering end-users the best fitness trainers classes at home, at the gym, at work or at hotels on smart bikes, rowers or treadmills. The platform will also allow operators to stream their club or studio classes to their members at home. Starting from its Wellness on the go strategy launched in 2012 – that led to the development of a seamless and integrated ecosystem made of smart equipment, mywellness cloud and apps, today active in 15.000 fitness and wellness centres in the world, in order to provide a personalized training experience – Technogym presents, in London, the TECHNOGYM LIVE open platform to offer your favourite fitness trainers classes at your home, at the gym, in hotel, at work.
The platform will also allow industry operators – fitness clubs and boutique studios – to stream their own club training contents and classes to their members at home on Technogym’s connected smart equipment.


TECHNOGYM BIKE, the first product integrated in the platform, will be available in the coming months. After TECHNOGYM BIKE, Technogym will present other products, integrated in the platform, offering additional training experiences such as Group Cycling, Running, Bootcamp, Rowing and Boxing.

We are living in the 4th industrial revolution, the digital transformation, which is based on sharing and subscription economy.

Nerio Alessandri, Founder and CEO of Technogym

TECHNOGYM LIVE represents a key stage of the industry’s growth and development
journey; in the last 35 years innovation has always represented TECHNOGYM’s priority for the industry’s growth, to create unique and irresistible experiences for end users and to guarantee value for operators.

Technogym is the only company featuring an ecosystem, made of innovative technology, Italian design, services and engaging contents. The Technogym digital Ecosystem is connecting millions of people all over the world. On one hand it offers the possibility for operators to evolve their business model and to be different and better and, on the other hand, the possibility for end users to live unique experiences based on their different passions, in fitness and sport or on their different health needs”


Technogym Bike has been designed to meet the needs of every rider by offering the awesome feeling of road cycling, accurate data tracking and a smooth and safe movement. Technogym Bike offers users scientific tracking of their power output (watts) with a +/- 2% accuracy, and unrivalled user-friendliness thanks to a patent-pending ON-THE-FLY system that enables four-way adjustments with one simple touch - to provide an optimal cycling position for all riders.
The flywheel resistance system is equipped with the strongest type of permanent magnets made with a rare earth neodymium material, to assure the smoothest and most consistent ride. Intuitive graphics and tactile clicks every 45° on the resistance knob make adjustments, between the 20 resistance levels, incredibly easy and accurate.

Engaging live and on demand training content

From the TECHNOGYM LIVE equipment console users will be able to join live streaming classes with their favourite celebrity trainer or choose their class, based on trainer, music, duration and language from the comprehensive on demand library. Classes are developed for different levels, different training objectives and different music styles.

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