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Selected trainers from all over the world empower their knowledge at the 2019 Technogym Education Event

The Technogym Education Event 2019 is the leading training event in the industry, created to inspire and empower professionals. With trends constantly evolving, today's fitness professionals require continuous professional development to enhance their knowledge and application.
Education has been part of Technogym’s commitment to the fitness and wellness industry, promoting of professional growth through specific training courses and programmes.
At Technogym Village 60 participants from 22 countries attended the event. The Technogym Education Event supports the growth of the fitness industry providing all participants with the tools and education to allowing them to take their knowledge, training and skills to the next level.
All participants attended a full range of seminars and workshops designed by industry experts to inform and educate them around alternative approaches of training, products and how to maximize training on Technogym format experience. This allows the participants to develop their knowledge and understand on how Technogym products and formats can benefit them, their facility and most of all their customers.
The Education Event was based around Technogym format offerings including Functional Training  (OmniaKinesisKinesis Stations) and SkillLine  (SkillrunSkillrowSkillbike and Skillmill) Formats.
Specific seminars and workshops to understanding how to utilize live bio feedback, how to effectively plan class experiences, how to engage and structuring effective programming and how to apply this theoretical knowledge to practice. To conclude the Technogym Education Event 2019, participants completed a theoretical and practical examinations. The practical exam consisted of designing and creating programming for the chosen Format discipline.

Technogym release new Education pathway

With the industry trends evolving, today's fitness professionals require more and more knowledge and application. Education has been part of Technogym’s commitment to the fitness and wellness industry.

What is the Technogym Education Event?

The Technogym Education Event held at the Technogym Village, designed to inspire and empower fitness professionals. All participants attended a full range of seminars and workshops throughout the event designed by industry experts to inform and educate around;

  • Training approachesand how to create engaging warmups, main sessions and cool downs
  • How tomaximize training formats with different member/sport profiles
  • Maximizingfitness testing with members and athletes and how to create a complete training experience
  • Understanding how to utilize live biofeedbackand improve performance
  • Key coaching and teachingstyles to improve trainer/member engagement and increase motivation.

What is the objective of the event in the Technogym Education Pathway?

The event is part of the new Technogym Education Pathway which has been designed for fitness professionals allowing participants to develop their knowledge on Technogym methodologies, products and formats. This Education pathway is over a gradual 12-month period which allows the professional to gain each certificate with consistent delivery within their own facility.
This will allow professionals to improve their delivery, coaching and engagement skills and certify as a Coach, Trainer or Master Trainer on a chosen Technogym format. Once the professional reaches their “Master Trainer” certificate this allow a gateway for them to progress with Technogym and deliver education around their format.

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