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From the heart of our ecosystem, the Technogym App welcomes you with a new technological offering designed to help achieve individual results with a personalized and engaging training experience while making the most of Technogym products. For the past 37 years, innovation has remained Technogym’s key priority in order to provide the most unique and compelling experiences for our cherished users. So once again, Technogym has combined the latest scientific research, cutting-edge technology and captivating digital content to create Precision Training, a tailored function that provides rapid and long-term results curtailed specifically to the user’s needs or goals in fitness or sports.

The Technogym App goes one step further by featuring numerous workouts and exercise programs specifically for individual levels, whether you are a beginner or more advanced. In the initial assessment phase, one can select from a menu of preferences, which then allows us to design an elaborated ad hoc training program.

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Success is ensured as long as you show up and be consistent. And don’t worry about taking on this challenge by yourself. A digital Technogym Coach powered by AI guides you step by step throughout the entire process with the most efficient and adapted workouts based on needs, time availability and the types of equipment owned. The Technogym Coach optimizes this personalized schedule to create training sessions that are best suited for individual progress while always providing the necessary motivation to achieve optimal results.

Initial phase fitness goals to select from include:

  • Start moving: This is an ideal program to start physically moving while taking the first steps towards the world of fitness. Created to improve cardiovascular efficiency, muscle strength and flexibility, the curtailed training program focuses on fundamental movements and how to gradually perfect them, thanks to the advice from the Coach.
  • Tone your body: A complete training experience that shapes and improves the body in a fun way. Through an animated series of cardio, strength & muscle toning workouts, the gradual workload increasingly sculpts the body.
  • Get Stronger: A total body program developed to build and increase muscle mass. Starting from initial basic movements, this tailored program moves on step-by-step with increased repetitions that allow the user to exceed their limits.
  • Stay Young: Designed for the forever-young fitness enthusiast that wants to stay active. This engaging series improves cardiovascular endurance and strength with exercises that combat and counteract the body’s natural aging process.
  • Lose Weight: If losing weight is the objective then this is the program for you. The Coach takes you step by step through performing, complex and fast exercises that activate the metabolism and improve body shape. To best reach a better healthier version of you, the key to success here is personal determination and perseverance.
The Coach follows your individual fitness goals, but there is also offering training programs that focus on your favorite sports. Created specifically to improve certain aspects of each activity, this series prepares you to take on the field in top physical shape. The App provides specific conditioning for running, golf, skiing and tennis that one can play on demand. Each sport features different options that precisely target the necessary muscle groups involved to increase one’s performance, made possible thanks to Technogym’s top-notch research and consolidated global experience in training pro athletes.
In addition, the exclusive Signature Programs features top sport performance training that are created and authored by World class sport experts, champions and professionals with the goal to improve main skills in each favorite activity. Differing from the Precision Program, the Signature Program is a complete and non-modifiable conditioning plan designed around the user’s needs and to achieve a specific goal.

The vast library of archived workouts that can be performed whenever and wherever are at your fingertips, showcasing programs like Technogym Routines, divided by individual fitness aspirations and focused muscle groups, these unguided workouts are created to be performed independently, perhaps accompanied by some favorite music tracks in the background. Within this section, one can filter content based on duration, level or equipment at hand in order to make the experience suited to personal needs. The library also showcasing Technogym Sessions, a series of video trainer led videos that guide step by step while offering tips to improve execution or to intensify the workout. With a bike or treadmill available, one can view their personalized data on the screen in real time by adapting the intensity level when desired.

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