Maroondah Leisure chooses Mywellness for Aquanation

Owned and operated by Maroondah City Council, Maroondah Leisure’s facilities which include Aquanation, Aquahub, Croydon Memorial Pool, Dorset Golf, Ringwood Golf, The Rings and Maroondah Nets provide a range of activities and programs at affordable prices.

Integrated programs and services across all seven venues are aimed at ensuring Maroondah and its surrounding communities as well as visitors to the region have the opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Aquanation in Ringwood allows its members to achieve their fitness goals giving them access 7 days a week to a gym, pool, swimming lessons, group fitness and personal trainers.

Aquanation Gym has the best equipment and technology to help user stay fit and healthy: get motivated in the different training areas, with exciting, interactive fitness equipment for cardio, strength and functional training.
Gym members can live a meaningful and engaging training experience with the most innovative fitness equipment, such as Excite Line, the brand new cardio range fitted with the ultimate Technogym Live console that offers unique and immersive on-demand digital content to motivate all users’ types and exercise goals, and Skill Line, the line of equipment designed with athletes to achieve top sport performance.

Mywellness and Maroondah Leisure App

Metro Melbourne gyms were closed for nearly seven months during lockdown and Mywellness allowed Maroondah City Council to engage with Leisure members and those in the community.

Maroondah Leisure app was launched in July, during lockdown, as one way to engage with the members. It also allowed to engage with other community members who were socially isolated and looking for various exercise options and motivation. The app allowed Aquanation to offer members health, fitness and nutrition tips, home workouts, work outs of the day and on demand workouts via the STREAM module, which guaranteed them a variety of virtual workouts which they could stream to their TV or devices.

When Mywellness and the Maroondah Leisure app were launched, all members were on free suspension and during lockdown Maroondah Leisure had a total of 10,000 people sign up to the app. Like most sites, they did have a decrease in membership when they re-opened and 25% of their members stayed on suspension but those members who were actively using Mywellness were 60% less likely to cancel their membership.

Activities for retention and engagement

The main activities Maroondah Leisure focused on were:

  • Having members track their activities outdoors as more members than ever were running, riding or walking outdoors and they encouraged them to connect any of their existing apps or heart rate monitors
  • They also offered three different workouts of the day - easy, medium and pro. Each of these workouts were body weight workouts so anyone could participate
  • They introduced the Ranking functionality so members could track their MOVES and unofficially ‘compete’ with other members. We saw a spike in active users when this was launched
  • The launching of STREAM module allowed members to participate in a group fitness class or program from the comfort of their home and within the first week over 500 people tried one of these ON DEMAND classes
  • For the staff leadership team, they tested the Challenge module and created a 30,000 MOVES per month challenge

When it was announced that Maroondah Leisure’s venues could re-open, Aquanation team used Mywellness and the Maroondah Leisure app for all pool, group fitness, bootcamp and gym bookings. It also allowed the team to communicate with the 16,000 members and casuals who had downloaded the app. The venue could provide them with daily updates of any operational procedures, capacity and program changes, and state government regulations.

Aquanation still uses Mywellness to offer members group fitness and class bookings, workouts of the day, on demand classes, tracking and connecting their apps, rankings.
However, since Maroondah Leisure’s venues are now open, they use Mywellness for onboarding new members, gym appointments (gym inductions and re-appraisals) via the calendar option, prescribing exercise programs, InBody scans, reporting – looking at active and high-risk members, weekly health and fitness blogs, communicating to members regarding upcoming events and trainer check-ins.

During lockdown, Aquanation undertook a gym redevelopment and upgraded all their equipment to Technogym. The beauty of Mywellness and the Maroondah Leisure app is the connectivity: it allows Aquanation staff and members to connect to the Excite cardio line, Skill Line, Selection Pro and Pure Strength equipment. Mywellness also integrates with InBody (our body composition analyzer) and best thing is that every members’ aspirations, exercise program, results, measurements, totals and records are all stored within the Maroondah Leisure app which they can view on any Apple or android device at any time.

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