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Home Workout: our guide to get fit at home

How do you stay healthy, lose weight, and tone your muscles in a short time? By having a good sleep–wake cycle, eating healthy, and training regularly. If you want to lose weight or tone up your muscles, it is unnecessary to stop eating or to spend hours and a lot of money in gyms. You can get amazing results with effective and short home workouts. This is the best solution if you work all day long and you want to stay in shape without losing too much time. There are some tools that will give you the opportunity to train at home and transform your house into a fully equipped and functional gym.

Let's start: the equipment for home workout

The first thing you need to ask yourself when choosing your training equipment is which results you want to get. If your goal is to burn calories and lose weight, then you need to focus on cardio and total body workouts. On the other hand, if you want to build muscle mass, you need to focus on exercises for every type of muscle. Every goal has its specific training, and each has particular equipment, here are some examples:

  • Burning calories: if you want to stay fit and burn calories, then you have to focus on cardio and total body workouts. These training are specifically conceived to burn fat and eliminate toxins from your body. The best equipment for this type of training are treadmills, exercise bike, and jumping ropes because they can train your whole body simultaneously.
  • Tone up your muscles: if the goal is to tone up existing muscles and define your body shapes, then you have to focus on training every muscle specifically. Your best allies in this mission will be the loop and elastic bands. These will help you activate your arms and legs muscles and enhance your resistance.
  • Increase your strength: if you want to be stronger and build muscular mass, then you have to train in specific ways. For the specific muscles that you want to strengthen, you will need the support of tools like dumbbells. These are effective if you want to have stronger and more defined arms.

Choosing the right equipment is therefore crucial for getting quick and tangible results. To have a balanced body, it would be ideal to mix and combine various types of training and use different equipment. This way, you will reach your goals without forgetting a single muscle.

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The importance of warming up before workouts

A common mistake that beginners make is exercising without warming up. This makes exercising not only more exhausting and traumatizing for your body, but it risks having serious consequences on your muscles. The warm-up needs to be taken seriously since it is fundamental for not getting hurt.

Muscles need to be prepared for the effort they are going to make, and this can be easily done with a 15 minutes circle of aerobic exercises and with 10 minutes of stretching. These types of exercises will not just start activating your muscles, but will stimulate:

  • your circulatory system;
  • your respiratory system;
  • your muscular flexibility.

Be careful where you stretch because if you stretch without a floor mat you may hurt your spine, your knees and your forearms. These are incredibly delicate body parts and must be trained on a suitable surface, like an exercise mat.

Home workout for beginners

If you are a beginner and you have absolutely no idea of where to start, you can begin with the most common workouts like running on a treadmill and training with the bikes. These, thanks to their advanced technology, can help you understand the best settings for you along with the best training time and modes. The more you train, the more these tools will challenge your body and recommend you increasingly difficult training.

Another simple solution if you want mainly to train your chest is working with the Skillrow. This tool is helpful if you want to strengthen your muscles in a short time, and it is also beneficial for your cardio. Here again, you can pick out the goal-oriented training, developed by skillful experts, that best matches your interest.

30-minute full body workout at home

Even if you have only 30 minutes a day to work out, don’t worry, you can get significant results in no time. First you need to devote 10/15 minutes to warm-up and stretch. The best warm-up is a run on a treadmill or cycling on the bike. These two activities can warm-up and exercise all your body parts, from legs to abs, and activate your circulatory and respiratory systems.

After this 10/15-minute warm-up, you can devote the rest of the workout to the body parts you care about the most. Here the functional bench is your best ally because with its wide assortment it offers the opportunity to train every part of your body in different ways. If you want toned arms, then you must use dumbbells. There are various weights available, so you can pick the ones that best fit your necessities. The elastic bands are also useful to train your upper body, and thanks to the three different resistance bands, it can support you with your progress.

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Last, but not least, remember to stretch on the exercise mat also after the workout because this will help your muscles to relax and recover from the effort just made.

Some exercises to do

There are some very helpful exercises that can be done with our equipment.

If you want to train your legs and glutes, then you don’t have to look any further than the treadmills and bikes. These two training tools allow you to run and cycle at different speeds and pendency, giving you the opportunity to train fully the lower part of your body. These activities, however, are incredibly useful also for training your abs (especially when running) and your arms. This is why running and cycling are called “total body” activities.

If you want to do exercises that create muscles in your legs and glutes, you definitely have to use the loop bands. Here are some exercises you can do with the bands:

  • in and out squats and squats with side raise
  • jumping jacks
  • butterfly bridge
  • abductor pulses
  • donkey kicks

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The elastic bands can nevertheless be used for training your arms as well and here’s a list of the most popular arm-toning exercises you can do with the bands:

  • robot row
  • straight arm pulse
  • back squeeze
  • bicep curl
  • triceps extension

Dumbbells are the most selected gym tools because they are easy to use. They are generally utilised for strengthening the arms by lifting them. It is important however not to overestimate its own strength and to start with light dumbbells and then increase their weight basing on its own progressions. Both the bands and the dumbbells can be found in the functional bench.

Last but not least, the rowing machine is another significant item for exercising the chest and empowering cardio.

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