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Home is where Technogym is: the design of Guimar Urbina

Guimar Urbina is a leading interior designer, an ambitious woman who only wants the best for her customers in the field of interior design and wellness. Like many of us, her first encounter with Technogym was at the gym. "Technogym, I think, has become a lifestyle and not just from the point of view of designers. It's like coming home for me."

This famous designer was ecstatic when she was commissioned to design a room in Brussels during the International Interior Design Exhibition, in which several world-renowned interior designers participate, with various high-end brands including Technogym.

A home gym for everyone

Guimar says that having a home gym in the US is quite normal, unlike in Europe. In the US, in all major cities, and especially where she lives (Miami), it's quite normal to take good care of the body and especially to stay in shape. Each apartment complex has its own gym. When you buy an apartment, the gym is an essential part of the process; the size, what equipment, the brand, quantity of equipment, there are enough treadmills for example, what is the quality, etc. Having a home gym saves so much time, you can train at any time.
"Working with Technogym has helped me to understand the philosophy of the brand. The collaboration in Brussels was very pleasant and fitted in seamlessly with the designs I had already made, and the communication was flawless as well. This is the crowning glory of my work and a wonderful addition to the total offer to my customers. Technogym suits me and my way of working, the brand is progressive, innovative with an eye for aesthetics, detail and design. With high quality, durability, convenience and an excellent price/quality ratio."

It is an honour to work with equipment that is known as the best in technology and pure craftsmanship in Europe. Antonio Citerio once again leaves his signature in the new, fantastic Personal line for home.

"Every body has to move every day and Technogym offers all the solutions." And she has one golden tip: "Buy the basic attributes anyway: the wellness ball, a mat, weights, an elastic band, possibly a fitness bench and a bike, for example the Bike Personal. This allows you to train your whole body at once. And start meditating. Dalai Lama says that every child who meditates from the age of 8 will develop much better in both work and private life. We are a better person when we move. You realize the beautiful things, it helps to create space in the head, burn calories, it is good for the heart and blood vessels and you feel better in your skin. In the U.S., we still have to do something, because exercise is still an optional subject at school. Maybe Technogym can come and illuminate, then I'll design the gymnasiums," laughs Guimar.
About Guimar Urbina
Guimar Urbina was originally Venezuelan and studied at the Ai Miami - International University of Arts & Design. Guimar has been an interior designer for 12 years and lives and works in Miami.

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