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Winter? Lots of good opportunities to train

After the holidays we are all more.... in shape!

This is not only our wish but also a real possibility, even if it is not easy for many to stay in shape during the winter.
Winter does not only offer a harsh climate, short days and endless dinners. The winter months can be a good time to devote yourself to the activities that make us feel good: here are 5 good reasons to keep the motivation to train... even at low temperatures.

Fit For Summer

Usually you start training a few months before the summer without great results. Increasing strength, aerobic capacity or losing weight are goals that must be pursued gradually and steadily over time: so why not start well in advance by training during the winter season?

Strengthen the immune system

The more fit we are, the less we will tend to get sick in winter. In fact, a healthy and trained body has a stronger and more resistant immune system. Depending on how and how much it is practiced, sport can improve or reduce the body's immune defences and, as a result, decrease or increase the probability of contracting cooling diseases such as flu, colds, coughing and sore throat. Studies conducted on athletes and people who practice physical activity on a regular basis at the amateur level have shown that moderate training, which keeps the body in shape without stress, helps to increase the ability to fight respiratory viruses before they can take root and cause the typical seasonal diseases.

Let's have fun in the gym

Those who prefer to practise indoor in winter can find a fun and stimulating environment in the gym. Today's fitness centres are no longer just around the traditional weights or cardio rooms, but offer courses for all tastes. Pedal on the wings of adrenaline with Group Cycle or vogue like on water with Skillrow. The list could continue but let's leave you the pleasure of discovering everything you can do in the gym.

Improve performance in winter sports

To stay active in winter, you can of course practice the sports characteristic of this season. Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing are activities that you can practice only in winter with your friends or family. These activities among other things will help us develop useful motor skills and abilities in other disciplines.

Wellness Wall: Winter sports preparation
Christmas does not just mean gifts and lights, but also mountain, skiing and snowboarding! Although these sports are seasonal, physical preparation should not be ignored. These activities require a high level of resistance combined with good technical execution.
Various scientific studies have shown that there is a correlation between the imbalance in thigh muscles and the risk of knee damage. A good workout must simulate specific positions and movements of the ski or snowboard, as well as improve strength, endurance and aerobic ability.
First of all, select the best exercises that best simulate the specific movements of the sport. For example, if you are going to face a week of alpine skiing, squat or training with a simulator of steps such as Excite Climb by Technogym are very suitable.
Otherwise, if we want to practice cross-country skiing or skating, the best exercises are lunges or an elliptical workout such as Technogym's Synchro Forma.
The second step is to choose the best training mode, as alpine skiing requires more responsiveness than cross-country skiing. On the contrary, cross-country skiing requires more strength and aerobic capacity than alpine skiing. An optimal alpine ski workout therefore includes a combination of a few repetitions of high load weight lifting with reactivity sprint exercises. The best cross-country skiing workout, on the other hand, includes low load strength exercises with longer repetitions to improve endurance, combined with long aerobic sessions to improve cardiovascular appearance.
Tip on everyone: the sooner you start the more you will benefit! To achieve a significant improvement in strength and aerobic capacity, it is recommended to train with a specially designed routine regularly for a period of at least 3 months.

Training at home

If we don't want to abandon the warm domestic walls, we can also train comfortably at home. Tapis roulants that teach you to run correctly as MyRun, Technogym’s new compact and silent home treadmill connects to your tablet and offers you a wide range of on-demand running and walking workoutsor to improve performance professionally. With MyCycling, the indoor training solution that combines sport, performance and innovation, you can train like real champions of cycling... without leaving your living room.

Discover Technogym MyRun

In short, here are several tips to transform the winter of our discontent in the winter of our remise en forme.
We have only the embarrassment of choice and only good reasons to do so.

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