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In water and air, when fitness doesn't have feet on the ground

Finding new ways and spaces for training is essential to ensure that boredom does not occur and that exercise does not become a simple element of daily routine. Fitness and fun are a perfect combination, and nothing works better than varying activities often to remain determined and enthusiastic about your own wellness. Do you think you've already experienced everything you can do on earth? All you have to do is dedicate yourself to workouts that have nothing to do with the earth.

Beyond Yoga: fitness in the air

From aerial yoga onwards, training forms inspired by acrobatic arts are experiencing a moment of great popularity. Strength, agility, harmony of movement: more and more people are finding in air training their ideal way to exercise, relax and have fun. But what can be done "in the air" besides asanas? A lot more than you would believe.

Bungee Workout

Don't worry: no one will ask you to throw yourself from a height. Despite its not very reassuring name, Bungee Workout has only one thing in common with its Jumping counterpart: the harness. In short, it is a style of training that combines a series of total body exercises with some typical dance movements. And what need is there to wear a harness, then? Here is the interesting part: all the exercises are performed by keeping an elastic rope hanging from the ceiling fastened to the waist. The purpose of the rope is to push you upwards, forcing you to put up resistance to finish the exercises on the ground. Can you imagine a better way to train both strength and balance?
If you like the idea of training equipped like a climber, there are other types of workouts that could do for you: there are harnesses made specifically for indoor exercises, which you can fasten to your waist, legs or arms. This equipment has the function of reducing the impact of cardio exercises and strength exercises, always thanks to the elastic rope that binds you to the ceiling. In this way, you can maintain very high training intensities without the risk of damage to the joints.
For those of you that instead have always wanted to relive the childlike emotion of the trampoline, AIRobics could be a dream come true: flying jumps and exercises that put your balance to the test, all on top of that trampoline you thought you were too old to climb.

More than just swimming: fitness in the water

When we talk about pool fitness and we don't refer to free-style swimming, it's easy to imagine a vague lesson of water aerobics populated by not-so-young patrons, mostly female. In reality, water can be a very useful ally for everyone, even for those who want to practice intense workouts, not much different from those typical of the gym.

Aqua cycling

Aqua cycling, for example, is perfect for those who want to manage their workout with a good degree of autonomy. It is very similar to indoor cycling classes, the only difference being that the whole body, and not just the bottom, is underwater. By increasing or reducing the speed of the pedal stroke you can have a workout that is either more or less demanding, benefiting in any case from the soothing effect of water on your legs. Moreover, by moving your arms as if you were swimming, you get a workout that involves all four limbs at the same time.
"Very intense" is not enough? Then WTRX is the right choice for you. The acronym, which stands for Water Extreme Classes, indicates a type of training that combines boot-camp styled trails of exercises to weightlifting, obviously performed underwater.
In addition to reducing the impact of an extreme exercise session, water adds balance and stability elements, making the workout even more challenging and exciting.

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