Eva Maria Brem, perseverance, workout and passion

It's March 20, 2016. Blue sky, bright sunshine and spring snow in St. Moritz, the arrival of the giant slalom at the World Cup final there is a very happy Eva Maria Brem. Fourth place was enough for the Tyrolean to win the small crystal ball signing the biggest success of the 30-year-old to date, who in the following autumn was elected Sportswoman of the Year in Austria. But it was also the last place on the summit for Eva Brem before the fracture of her shin and calf bone forced her to abruptly interrupt her sporting career.

Since then, the winner of three World Cup races has fought for her place at the top of the world rankings without ever giving up: Of course I want to get ahead again; it's not just a hobby. Last winter, it was her return season where she learned a lot, especially to be patient: I always had the feeling of being a step back and having to work on many aspects at once.

While her teammates were competing for medals and first places at the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, the Technogym brand Ambassador gave her all to recover. The goal was and still is to get back to where I was before I had my injury. When you've been the best in a discipline, all you want to do is go back. This is the path of Eva-Maria Brem who considers training an important part of every athlete's routine.

Eva Maria Brem and Technogym

With the support of Technogym, Eva has a good variety of training, both strength and endurance, intensive or regenerative. The possibilities for training are numerous and incredible, I have everything I need for my athletic training especially for my rehabilitation during the injury. SKILLRUN is her absolute favourite and the SKILLTOOLS are always with her, without them training would be unthinkable.

In my training I try to simulate everything that can happen in a race. I only have a minute of time in the race, so I have to be 100% performing from the very first moment. The same goes for training: every exercise, every repetition counts, there is no new attempt just like in the race.

The technical possibilities of Technogym equipment, the figures and evaluations are important for an athlete to make the feeling measurable. This is extremely important especially in high-level sport because you rely on the sensations during the races and decide in fractions of a second what is right and what is wrong. All this is possible thanks to a complete and constant training.

Training is a very important basis for me, because good competition is always only the result of good training. Everything else can happen, it's a coincidence, maybe luck or misfortune, but to keep up with the competition, good training is essential.

eva brem per technogym
Eva Maria Brem has been a professional athlete for 12 years, she has lived many experiences during these years going through ups and downs. The positive thing about being a mature athlete is the ability of the body to react to injuries as well. Today I can estimate exactly when I need intensive activity and when I need rest.

The Austrian athlete wants to be back on track at the 2019 World Alpine Ski Championships in Are, Sweden. After the injury, it was important to regain confidence and see what kind of stress my body could withstand. Knowing that I could push my limits once again, I can't wait to catapult myself onto the starting line and get back into the race.

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