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5 unique benefits of indoor running

There’s no better feeling than crushing a run. The endorphins are pumping, the sweat is beading down your face, and you have just got in a killer workout. And as much fun as it is to do it in the great outdoors, using a treadmill, like the MyRun or Skillrun, can take your indoor running to new heights.

MyRun Technogym represents the iconic treadmill for sportsman thanks to its minimal, elegant and compact design and its smooth and quiet run. With MyRun it is possible to access exercises, training sessions and routines shaped around personal needs. Its training app includes specific programmes for the improvement of the running technique; interval training programmes to improve speed and endurance; and CPR (constant pulse rate) programmes to maintain the best cardio rate for your goal.  Through this visual feedback, users will be able to become faster and more efficient runners by finding the safest and most efficient stride in relation to their speed, minimizing the displacement of their centre of gravity.

If you're a runner who cares about performance with a professional approach to running improvement, Skillrun is the first treadmill to combine cardio and power training in a single solution, designed to meet the training requirements of both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Skillrun providing incredible insights on running efficiency with the Advanced Biofeedback, Multidrive technology allows both cardio and resistance workouts to enhance power. The interactive Unity console allows to access a completely customized workout experience, engaging and motivating them through digital content, personalized training programs and data tracking.

1.  It has fewer variables than outdoor running

Treadmills can be placed in almost any room in any space, which means that runners can get a workout in at any time of the day in any weather. Treadmill runs can be as long or as short as the runner chooses. If a runner is tired, they can slow down or stop a run. In comparison, outdoor runners have lots of variables to worry about, like passing cars, low light scenarios, weather, and of course, overcrowding on the roads or trails. Tackling your run inside eliminates all of these concerns.

2. Expert coaching at the touch of your fingertips

The Technogym treadmills offer state of the art coaching within arm’s reach. MyRun syncs to your tablet for the ultimate running experience, with tailored programs and live running feedback — making it the perfect choice to improve your lifestyle. If you’re in the mood to just zone out, you can turn on your own music, audio book, or television program to help pass the time while getting in your exercise.

3. Get catered feedback specific to your body

Who doesn’t want to better understand what’s happening when they run? With the right machine, you can stave off injury and be more informed before your next workout. Using the MyRun, your cadence, stride and displacement are also displayed on screen. With the Skillrun, runners can use its precise sensors to detect the differences between the action of the left and right leg, exploring your stride length and ground contact time while running or determining your maximum power on with its parachute and sled modes.

4. It’s easy to diversify your training

The great thing about indoor workouts is that you have every speed and incline available to you. On the days when you may not feel like picking up the pace, the tread can offer the boost you need to move faster or tackle a steeper hill. Varying your workouts not only make the training more fun, it also helps the athlete improve.

Plus, treadmills are a great tool to use when it comes to creating cohesive workout programming that includes more than just running. “Imagine that you want to do a workout with mixed repetitions of 4 minutes running with 4 minutes core work, repeating,” says Paul Johnson, founder of CompleteTri. “This is really easy to do on a treadmill, and much more difficult to do outside. As the popularity of HIIT workouts increases, we’re seeing more and more people want to take on this type of routine in the comfort of their own home.

5. Community is everywhere

Although you may be choosing to do your run on your own at home, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance to connect with other athletes around the globe. Make things more fun by connecting your at-home device to a third-party app suggests Whitney Heins founder of The Mother Runners. The MyRun connects seamlessly to the Zwift app, so you can also challenge runners from all over the world on virtual scenarios.

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