The Kinesis Range

Kinesis is 3D movement by FullGravity™ Technology. Kinesis enables progressive functional training made possible thanks to an exclusive selection of unintimidating equipment designed around human movement

Full freedom of movement

Kinesis explores the progression of functional movement. Unlimited functional training possibilities translate into tangible benefits in terms of specific everyday movement skills.

Unique to this range

The Kinesis range - FullGravity™ Technology

FullGravity™ Technology

FullGravity Technology is the only innovative technology that allows
 users to perform movements with resistance through all planes of movement. In addition, FullGravity Technology allows to perform all push movements without the interference between cable and forearm that traditionally occurs on cable machines.

The Kinesis range - WeKinesis community

WeKinesis community

WeKinesis is the free community for users of fitness facilities, personal trainers and club owners who want to share content, experiences, functional training exercises and programmes online.

The Kinesis range - Kinesis® Visual Learning

Kinesis® Visual Learning

The Technogym Functional Training App for iPad is an ideal training tool for easy consultation and visualisation of basic and advanced movements, as well as an introductory programme.

Featured Kinesis Products

Kinesis One

Kinesis One has all the benefits of innovative Kinesis in a single, stand-alone, affordable station with hidden weight stacks and zero-impact exercise routines.

Kinesis One
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Kinesis Class

Kinesis Class is a modular solution for functional training that allows users to focus on their individual training technique while being motivated and having fun in a goal-oriented, small group class.

Kinesis Class