Feel your ride
Discover a new kind of group riding experience. One that combines music, visual effects and performance data to create interactive training that inspires you to move.

Shaped by you
An environment influenced by riders

Hear it. See it. Feel it.
An immersive journey into sound

Data that moves you
Metrics and visuals that motivate you

Give a boost to your ride
Motivational rituals

Three experiences into a single environment

Embrace the music-first experience of the FreeBeat Class, the data-driven performance ride of the Peak Class or the flexibility of Group Cycle Virtual - all within a single environment.

Peak Class

For those who love performance training, adapted challenges and entertainment, this class highlights key workout metrics to always keep you in your training zone. Follow the colours and on-screen indications, work on your cadence and power, track your performance to monitor your progress ride after ride.

Your performance ride

Training driven by colours

Your metrics change colour live with your output, based on your optimal training intensity, while the background colour varies with the class’s performance.

Real-time data visualisation

See all your data clearly on the bright LCD display and on the screen: RPM, watts, FTP%, intensity level, calories, power and speed. View real-time average and max values for true precision training.

Clear class profile and targets

Always visible on top of the screen and easy to read. Match the suggested RPM, watt% or HR% target for the entire class to stay in the right training zone.

Metrics and visuals that motivate you

Accelerate to the front of your group and lead your class as visuals change with the beat. Be the best rider of each challenge!

Track your performance

Group Cycle is fully integrated with the Mywellness cloud platform. With the Mywellness app, you can monitor your performance, compliance, power and RPM profiles, and your total daily activity.

Ready for all levels

FTP is the key metric for adapting the training experience to each rider. Test it on Group Cycle or Skillbike, or simply ask your trainer to update your threshold value on pro.mywellness.com. You can also do it yourself with the Mywellness app.


FreeBeat Class

Are you ready to ride into a live show? Let the rhythm of the music guide you as your pedals spin and the good vibes flow. Be amazed by what you create on the screen. Immerse yourself in a complete sensory experience. Hear it, see it, feel it.

Your music-first ride

Easy class setup

Trainers can connect their smartphone and manage music easily via Bluetooth®, or simply upload their playlist to the cloud and find it directly on the Mywellness Kiosk.

An environment influenced by riders

Feel the music as it flows through your body, see how visuals are influenced by the beat. As your intensity changes, so does the speed, movements and colours of what you see in front of you.

Motivational rituals

Trainers can create special moments to connect with the group. They can plan custom messages that will light up on the screen like in a live show and play short video clips from the Mywellness Kiosk to engage and motivate riders.

Burn calories to the beat of the music

It’s the playlist that leads the workout. Even if no effort profile or metrics are shown on the screen, they still get tracked in the background.

Total body workouts

We designed an XL version of Group Cycle for easily performing upper body exercises and reducing back strain for taller riders. To vary your training, grab a pair of dumbbells, which you can store in the special dumbbell holder.


Group Cycle Virtual

Join a class led by your favourite trainers at your most convenient time. Be challenged by targets, colours and metrics. See your performance live on the screen, so you will always know how you are doing.

Your virtual ride, right when you want it

An engaging experience even without supervision

As a club or studio owner, wouldn’t you like to see your Group Cycle setting in use even when no trainer is available? Schedule your virtual class in one or multiple locations and allow users to book their spot with the Mywellness app. Your virtual class will start automatically at the set time and your members will be able to track all their data.

Watch your metrics live on the screen

View your effort profile and focus on the single blocks and class targets. Train following the colours and see your metrics change in real time right before your eyes.

Diverse classes, constantly updated

Choose a class among those scheduled (pace, power, or endurance profiles) by your club. These class profiles have been designed by experts all over the world and are updated regularly.

Always on
The Mywellness app makes it easier than ever to keep up with your routine. View schedules, sign up for classes, reserve your bike, check your results and rate your experience. You can conveniently access the app 24/7.

Your new assistant
Group Cycle professional app, together with the new Mywellness Kiosk, makes it easier than ever for trainers to create a class and let their unique expertise and personalities shine through. Pick your profile or simply create your playlist and play it via Bluetooth®, that’s all you need together with your best attitude.

Group Cycle+

Unlock new workouts every week. Deliver premium experiences that always feel fresh and new. With a Group Cycle+ licence, you receive:

  • Constantly updated workout programmes on the Group Cycle professional app, including effort profile and music that’s ready to run.
  • Educational and motivational videos to help trainers keep members engaged.

Improved class control

The large screen displays the class profile plan and the most relevant information in a way that is simple and clear. With just a tap, trainers can enhance the ride experience by adjusting volume, changing views, playing rituals and reading notes.



Crafted to the highest standards of comfort, performance and connectivity, the Group Cycle bike features high power accuracy, on-the-fly settings, more resistance to sweat and iconic Technogym styling. All of this is packed into a compact product that comes in two colour versions and fits easily into any space.

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