The Hogarth Health Club

Hampstead, London

The Hogarth Health Club in Chiswick, West London, is one of the UK’s premier fitness clubs. In 2013, the club embarked on a major refurbishment, in partnership with Technogym.

An investment in Artis

The Hogarth Club decided to redesign its gym in partnership with Technogym, who shared their vision, values and commitment to high quality service. The club invested in the Artis range of cardio, strength and functional training equipment. It also opted to install Technogym’s mywellness cloud, a digital platform that allows individuals to manage their fitness activity, and encourages interaction between gyms, trainers and clients.

Ian Chaffey, Operations Director at the Hogarth Club said: “Technogym was the only supplier that could provide everything we needed. ARTIS is strikingly different, biomechanically superb and a perfect complement to the look and feel of The Hogarth.”

An improved customer experience

Each of the new investments has brought its own benefits to the Hogarth Health Club and its customers:

  • The new Artis strength and functional equipment provides a range of exercise options for anyone, from novice to advanced user.
  • All Hogarth’s Artis cardio equipment came with the UNITY™ display. This features swipe-screen touch technology, virtual training, simple login access to personalised content and entertainment through the Internet, TV, games and more. Hogarth Club members have found it easy to use, and the club operators have found it easy to enhance with business applications.
  • With mywellness cloud, members have been able to set fitness goals, record and view exercise history and communicate with their personal trainers. This has proved effective in helping members track their own progress. It has also improved the level of service the fitness team are able to offer customers.

This is what some of the club’s members have had to say:

  •  “The Artis equipment isn’t just good, it is outstanding. I have really been enjoying it immensely; I am like a little kid in a candy shop.”
  • “The whole system is very slick, I love the way everything is incorporated – it is there in front of you as you do your workout: access to e-mails, television, Facebook. Entertainment and workout!”

A growing business

The Technogym refurbishment has had the following positive effects on business over an 8-month period following the launch of the new gym:

  • 7% increase in membership revenue
  • 144 new members
  • 58 more retained members
  • 1,932 mywellness cloud accounts

The decision to invest in Technogym and Artis has laid a strong foundation for future growth.