We can help you increase loyalty and maintain excellent customer satisfaction thanks to our unique Wellness Lifestyle Customer Relationship Management


Effective Wellness Lifestyle Management

We can offer you the first and only Wellness lifestyle CRM platform on the market that enables you to stay in touch with your clients to share and efficiently use all data related to overall lifestyle. Your trainers will be able to establish concrete action plans leading to effective goal achievement and long-lasting behavioral change for improved wellbeing.

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Equipment variety to engage members

The most extensive range of equipment covering cardio, strength and functional training, as well as specially conceived equipment for group training is a sure way to ensure so much variety that your members will always feel stimulated to try something new and explore new ways of staying fit and healthy.

Engaging and personalised digital experience

Keep your members satisfied and loyal with a personalised and exciting selection of digital content through the tablet-like UNITY™ cardio console by customising what they can see according to their membership status.


Activate your local community

We can help you to activate your facility and engage your members as well as staff by introducing regular challenge activities.  The more you can do to create a great club atmosphere, the more your facility will become the Wellness hub for the local community, fostering customer loyalty and staff commitment.

Targeted training

Now your trainers can easily and quickly create truly personalised routines for your members, by choosing from within a wide, open library of 2,000 programmes and 5,000 exercises at their disposal or by creating new routines directly on the gym floor simply using an iPad. Highly convenient for trainers, the Prescribe app developed by Technogym allows them to retrieve all the information about their clients in an instant, enabling them to deliver a superior quality of service

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