PRESCRIBE: Personalised training assignment

Personal trainers can create truly personalised training programmes for clients based on their individual fitness needs.

How it works

The PRESCRIBE app enables personal trainers to create a variety of personalised training programmes for clients’ which can be managed and accessed easily from the clients’ device, the Technogym key and UNITY™ consoles.

Benefits for staff

  • Staff can create and organise, easily and quickly a library of up to 2,000 training programmes and 5,000 exercises that are adaptable to clients’ individual needs
  • The same workloads can be modified to suit every client’s level of fitness
  • Shoot your own exercise video clips with the built-in iPad camera and then prescribe the routines for clients
  • Staff can use PRESCRIBE on the move – no need to be at a computer
  • Retrieve all the information about clients in an instant.

Benefits for clients

  • Clients can start exercising straightaway with just one click, as the assigned workout is transferred to the equipment just by logging in
  • Clients can check and manage their training programme no matter where they are via their mywellness profile on their device or Technogym equipment
  • Clients can watch your pre-recorded exercise videos on an iPad, on the Internet or on UNITY™ and follow them.