Pinamonti – physical therapy & wellness centre

Pittsburg, Kansas

Pinamonti Physical Therapy & Wellness Center in Pittsburg, Kansas has systems, features and services, holistically combined to assure an overall programme that improves its members’ and patients’ lifestyles. From the beginning, the fitness equipment that has been used has been Technogym.

An investment in ARTIS, Excite+, Element, Pure Strength & Kinesis® One

Pinamonti provides the highest quality service in an atmosphere that strives for excellence and integrity, something that Technogym has always played a part in helping to provide.

The new wellness centre features the ARTIS, Excite+, Element, Pure Strength and Kinesis® One range of cardio, strength and functional training equipment.

The ARTIS range, in conjunction with UNITY™, mywellness, and the system keys allow staff to prescribe workouts for patients and members.  The physical therapists create and monitor an exercise treatment plan which provides optimal results in less time; while the Technogym ecosystem provides the most biomechanically precise and dependable equipment available.


An improved customer experience

Each of the new investments has brought its own benefits to Pinamonti and its customers:

  • Members have benefited greatly from the feedback they get from the mywellness app as the system monitors progress, incentivising and encouraging members to progress further and reach their goals.
  • ARTIS, UNITY and mywellness provides the perfect tools for the physical therapy practice - allowing patients to have a seamless working transition with a physical therapist to becoming a wellness client and having a prescribed wellness programme or personal training programme established for them. It allows the former patient to eventually work out independently, taking full advantage of the features of the ARTIS range.

What the staff said

  • “The ability to monitor progress utilising mywellness is unmatched in its effectiveness.”
  • “Unparalleled.  Unparalleled in quality, unparalleled in customer service, and most of all unparalleled in the experience it offers our patients and members and the effectiveness of it.”