Orthopaedic disorders

Orthopaedic pathologies

Help your patients to a speedier recovery with their shoulder, knee or back after an operation or injury. Physical exercise is essential for restoring full efficiency and movement and the best cure for complete recovery.

Post-operative and post-traumatic training, or training geared towards maintaining efficiency in case of orthopaedic diseases, combine cardiovascular exercises, movements for improving flexibility and muscle strengthening exercises.

Our recommended solutions

We recommend a functional rehabilitation programme that includes working on the kinetic chain, “core stability” and neuromuscular efficiency.

Cardiovascular training

The cardiovascular system carries oxygen to body tissues and improves its efficiency making the patient’s recovery quicker during rehabilitation. Our crosstrainer, Vario MD, is very useful during this phase as, thanks to its variable stride and low impact on the joints, it enables the user to adapt their movement to their abilities. The Recline MD Inclusive also enables pedalling with a perfectly safe, reduced range of movement. Top MD Inclusive, if used in the erect position, may help maintain cardiovascular efficiency without engaging the lower part of the body.

Enhancing flexibility & endurance

Injuries and surgery cause joints to lose their mobility and lead to muscle tightness. Restoring these functions helps with recovery and prevents relapses. In this case, training with FLEXability could be useful as it enables the user to stretch muscles gradually and in a safe manner.

Weaker muscles or loss of muscle mass are also among the consequences of injury and surgery. Strengthening exercises using the Selection Med range allow for more rapid toning and strengthening.

Functional training

To complete the therapy, and after rehabilitation, it is ideal to perform functional exercises that enable the patient to enhance their motor abilities, in addition to proprioception, balance and stability. Therefore Kinesis® One and ARKE™ are useful solutions.


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