The Gym

A host of solutions for hotels and cruise liners who wish to deliver the best possible Wellness experience to their guests or passengers. According to the space allocated, Technogym provides tailored projects which answer your needs and help attract discerning customers.

Wellness Club

A complete gym environment where your guests and selected members can enjoy a premium training experience. Wellness Club is the solution for hotels who wish to target guests and public members with a stylish offering based on Technogym’s new ARTIS range of cardio, strength and functional equipment. Cutting-edge, space-efficient design and energy saving technologies make the ARTIS range ideal for facilities looking to differentiate their offering and embrace the ethics of sustainability.


Wellness Centre

A flexible, modular gym environment that satisfies both occasional gym-goers and those who wish to keep in line with their fitness goals wherever they are. Wellness Centre is for hotels who want to offer a personalised training environment for all their guests. Fitted with professional equipment and enhanced by interactive technologies to provide a highly personalised experience, this solution will boost customer retention and readily attract new guests.

the gym wellness centre

Wellness Boutique

An exclusive training area specially designed to blend perfectly with the look and feel of your hotel environment, for guests in search of harmony and wellness. Wellness Boutique is a solution tailored to boutique hotels who aim at providing a unique, all-round experience for design-conscious customers. The concept is based on a selection of crafted pieces of equipment built to fill a smaller, luxury environment, created to emanate beauty and balance.


Wellness Studio

A versatile solution for environments which can be used for small class activities or personal training sessions for guests. Wellness Studio brings the benefits of functional training to your facility, helping guests improve their ability in daily activities and sports. Equipped with ARKE™ tools or Kinesis® for functional routines or Plurima which is a space-efficient option for supervised or unsupervised strength training.