We can offer solutions that support you in attracting new members thanks to an in-depth user experience supported by a host of marketing tools, training concepts, initiatives and need-oriented programmes.


Discover what makes people move

Identify the aspirations and needs which motivate people to move: we can support you to design a specific offer around their goals, going from a desire to lose weight, increase sports performance or simply stay young.


Offer unique and engaging Classes

Attract new members by exploiting the fun factor typical of group training sessions. Our product solutions can help you implement engaging class activity formats to reach out to new members who may be readily involved by activities which encourage easy socialisation.

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Leverage a professional Health Assessment

A professional approach to your members’ needs can be achieved by offering an assessment of their current physical condition by means of our Health Assessment service. This is an additional way to attract new members looking for a facility which is able to tailor its offering in relation to a specific requirement and follow up with biometric data evaluation over time.

Manage your members’ indoor and outdoor activities

When members seek more than a facility experience, we can provide you with all the tools and applications to manage a 24/7 Wellness lifestyle experience which covers all aspects of health, fitness and the wellbeing of a member , from the gym to the office, from home to hotel, indoors and outdoors. Technogym’s unique Wellness lifestyle CRM  platform allows you  to appeal to new members who want more from their membership.


Promote your state of the art equipment

Our complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment is manufactured to the highest biomechanical standards, incorporating optional digital features to provide entertainment, interactivity and personalised content. New members will be attracted not only by the outstanding quality of Technogym equipment, but also by the differentiating factor a new training environment is able to create and resulting in a unique Wellness experience.

Activate your local community

We can help you to activate your facility and engage your members as well as staff by introducing regular challenge activities.  The more you can do to create a great club atmosphere, the more your facility will become the Wellness hub for the local community, fostering customer loyalty and staff commitment.

Communicate the uniqueness of your offer

We support your business initiatives with a selection of promotional tools, either for online initiatives such as digital banners, or offline material which may include posters or visuals to help potential members identify their goals and find the right motivation to join your facility.